5 oil changed every one thousand kilometers is it true?

Today more and more number of cars on the road, many families already have a car, and often drive out to play. Especially during the holidays, but also the car "all out" the high incidence of, and during the New Year many owners will open the car to go home now! With the end of the holidays, the car gradually return to the city, most of the car owners are caregivers, not only for the appearance of cleaning, the most important thing internal maintenance! And in the maintenance, the majority of owners are cards with digital maintenance 5,000 km, 5,000 km oil change is a "nonsense"? Old Guy: Do not be so would not want to change the engine change!

When we finished to buy cars, 4S shop staff will be presented once the first insurance, and asked us to come within 5000 kilometers 4S shop to do the first insurance, without waiting! So many car owners after the purchase, will remember 5000 km figure, the point went to the repair shop or 4S shop maintenance. But experts say the old repair, car 5000 km replace the one that is nonsense, not all cars are suitable for this data, if other auto engine damage, that time may regret it later!

Old repair experts say, do a maintenance car 5000 km, the average data is not suitable for all vehicles. Are fully synthetic engine oil or semi-synthetic oil, the oil can travel ten thousand kilometers or fifteen thousand kilometers, if the advance oil changes, wasteful use of oil scene now. And there are a lot of 4S shop to see the car without replacing the engine oil, the oil will be drained half the original, and then add a new bottle of oil, did it hurt the car's very serious, then it will result in engine damage! So everyone before replacing the oil, first look at the brand of oil, suitable to run far away, and the best maintenance man staring at the car maintenance.

And after buying a new car to go home, and so on and then replace 5000 kilometers, might cause engine damage. Because the new car in the run-in period, the middle will be very cost oil and wear parts in the process of, it will produce some debris or iron slag. So many of the old owners to purchase new cars finished, it will advance replacement car oil, usually about 3000 km began to be replaced. This is mainly worried about poor quality original oil or residue produced too many run-in period, resulting in wear and tear on the status of the new car engine!

Another common scenario, if the oil replaced every 5000 km, will cause damage to the car, the worst case also need to replace the engine, that is, when long-term parking when the car! Long-term car parking, internal oil oxidation occurs, the lubricating effect will be substantially reduced. If the year were not used to park the car, then you need to conduct a comprehensive maintenance, automobile engine oil should also be replaced, or so engine damage after that, it is too late!

But the old maintenance experts, it is only suitable for Volkswagen, said another individual car Oh! 5000 km oil change is a "nonsense"? Old Guy: Do not be so would not want to change the engine change! We agree with the words of the old maintenance experts do?

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