1.8t displacement of one kilometer how much money?

Different models have different configuration, the displacement of the car does not have such 1.8t, 2.0t and many other types, then how much money one kilometer displacement of 1.8t, 1.8t and 2.0t which fuel-efficient?

1.8t displacement of how much money one kilometer

The price of oil and fuel consumption as well as the relevant time, only emission is incalculable.

Assuming that the car combined fuel consumption of 8.8L/100km, assuming that the price of 6 yuan 93 gasoline/L calculation, the cost per kilometer * 6 = 8.8/100 = 0.53 yuan/km;

The actual cost of the actual fuel consumption subject to the current price of gasoline prevail.

[Note] The actual combined fuel consumption of multiple factors load, road conditions, driving habits, weather, wind speed, tire pressure, etc. related to the actual combined fuel consumption to actual driving conditions prevail.

1.8t and 2.0t which fuel

As can be seen from the data, large displacement in urban fuel consumption is lower than the small displacement, large displacement of the reason is the low speed of the car can easily drive the vehicle, they are able to adapt to calm in the city frequent underway, but to High speed is different, because you are worse then also ran a 120, then extra large displacement power simply do not have access, at high speed on such a small displacement on fuel-efficient, of course, this is based on the same basic model, the difference in weight the case of small, low-emission difference premise.

So I think it should be better than in the city 2.0T 1.8T fuel-efficient, after all horsepower and torque out there, only the displacement of more than 0.2; if in the case of high-speed 120 is certainly 1.8T province

If we have a high-speed run more than 180, I believe it is still 2.0T fuel-efficient.

1.5T equivalent displacement naturally aspirated how much?