These are fake faults

I often see a lot of netizens say online, my car is wrong, the latter is not open, the steering wheel is locked, the chassis is , wait, in fact, similar problems, similar problems are modern cars Some expansion functions, or the normal phenomenon of components. Today we will talk about it. If you encounter the following, don't worry, this is a normal phenomenon or a good solution.

New car brake disc rust

Note: Warmers

This situation is more common in summer or the south, especially some stock trucks, and the brake disc rust is more obvious, mainly because the brake disc usually uses steel material (generally cast steel), and stainless steel usual wear resistance and The strength is more general, so it will naturally rust. This situation does not have to worry, as long as you follow the manual soft and drive, the rust is disappeared.

Once the power is turned on, the motor sound is issued.

Gasoline pump is warm-up

For the model of ordinary ignition switch, when you need to ignite, when you pass the power switch, sometimes you can hear the buzz of the vehicle, don't worry, this is the oil pump for pre-pressing, Normal oil supply work after ignition is prepared. In particular, when the vehicle is not very good, this phenomenon will be more obvious, but it is still normal.

Of course, if it is the whistling of the gasoline pump, it is not that normal, you need to check it, otherwise the gasoline pump is broken, the car can only wait for the rescue on the road.

Winter tire use precautions
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