Detailed Hellaflush modified style

At the beginning of the 20th century, several North American fashion trend people who were keen on the car movement saw that Japan had an appearance style of drift cars, which was to use the width and offset very low wheels, and stretching a large tire to reflect their own racing. Very offensive appearance. So they began to imitate this style and gradually developed into a Hellaflush modified style.

From the literal, Hellaflush = Hella Flush is also two parts, one is HELLA, and the other is Flush. Hella is an abbreviation of Hell of, meaning special, very, absolute, super; flush is a meaning. Here is the state of the hub or tire extension and the outer eyebrows extension, and the feeling of the neck. The hub tire and the body are naturally become a whole, maintain the same curve, especially when the hub is in the correct OFFSET (wheel negative value), and the body is flush.

At the same time, it is indispensable that you must reduce your car as much as possible to say hellaflush, what is said to reduce the body to how low, because ordinary shock absorbers and air suspension cannot be compared In the extent to which the height is lowered, there is a basic rule that there is absolutely unable to have space in the middle of the tire and the leaves. So if you don't drop your car very particularly low, you just flush. I have to understand two points here:

1. Hellaflush's formation must be satisfied that flush is also a flush hub tire, then qualified to work from Flush to Hellaflush;

2. The height of the body must be as low as possible, and the side of the car is absolutely impossible to have a gap between the tire and the leaves.

Hellaflush's center ideology/why Hellaflush

Hellaflush's central idea is OFFSet is everything. Negative value is everything. The correct negative value can give you the correct flush effect. The same wheel width also has a lot, but on the hub and wide-bonus hub, the width of the hub itself is more important in the embossing hub and the width hub.

Hellaflush made the world a organization: WRONG FITMENT CREW, gave us a explanation "The original error can also become very correct". The error here refers to the wrong OFFSET in the traditional sense. , Correct refers to the correct installation effect of Hellaflush aesthetics. Hellaflush is not a very serious problem, not a very naive ignorant appearance modified tide, not a speed and passion of this kind of car movie, not one can let all People understand the style of appreciation. Hellaflush is not a simple single "pan", which is full of too many persistence and hardship, sweat and waiting, a "pan" is unable to summarize. This is a person who does not understand never Will reach, people who know will never go wrong. The most crucial, Hellaflush does not divide the model, regardless of high or low.

How to make your car becomes Hellaflush?

1. Very low OFFSET and very wide hub. It is not necessarily to design the wheels for your car, just give you the car design, I have never dared to use the size. It is not necessary to assemble the hub, winter iron ring, and pads, etc. can be accepted.

2.stance-wheelbrows and hubs can achieve as minimal spacing. This task is done by the modified shock absorbing, not necessarily the need to be ambiothe, any way to make the low car can be accepted.

3. Camber (tilt) adjustment. Basic front and rear outer tilt angles must be adjusted to a certain number of angles to increase the gap between the tire hub and the leaf plate during exercise. Some of the cars that hang a non-independent suspension need to use the inclination screw, the gasket is adjusted, and it is not very much.

4. Wheelbow's internal volume and excess expansion (Fender Rolling or Pullin). It is necessary to complete with a special Fender Roller tool, only with the internal volume and extension of the eyebrow, and the metamorphosis Camber settings can have the effect of Hellaflush.

5. Tire stretch "Stretch" - Refers to the effect of the narrow tires are attached to the ultra-wide hub. This is to make the space in the wheelbrows, reduce the friction of the wheel and tires, and now more people Stretch are to highlight the effect of the wheel wide side. Many people will say this is very dangerous, and the tires are very annoying things, but they believe that "many people" will not be smarter than the technicians of the drift team? If even the drift racing can be used, why can you use it? ?

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