Automotive annual inspection process and cost standard

After having a car, there is a lot of convenience to our travel, but it is also accompanied by more troubles. For example, the annual inspection is the annoyance of every owner, especially those who are not familiar with the annual inspection process and charging standards. I am annoying. Now, in order to help everyone solve the trouble, let's learn about the 2019 car annual inspection specific process and cost standard!

2019 car annual inspection process and cost standard

First, an annual inspection process

Go to the motor vehicle test center to check the motor vehicle - to the business hall Guide to review the number - to window audit information - Nuclear test qualification mark.

2. Second, the car annual inspection cost standard

The annual inspection project mainly includes motor vehicle testing, safety testing, exhaust emission test, and some fees, all added probably 200 to 300 yuan.

The specific charging standards are as follows:

1. Motor vehicle detection fee of 100 yuan

2. Vehicle basic cost 30 yuan

3. Light debugging fee 40 yuan

4. Engine number, frame number outlet fee 20 yuan

5. Other miscellaneous fees such as car wash, copy, etc. 10 yuan

6. Tail gas debugging fee is 60 yuan

7. Tail gas debugging service fee 40 yuan

Third, the auto annual inspection

1. View there is no violation record, timely handling;

2. Avoid raining and snowing day, unable to detect brakes;

3. Bring all the documents;

4. Check that the trunk has an extinguisher;

5. Check the light speaker by yourself;

6. See if there is a private change

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