Test drive the new BMW X3 configuration upgrade price unchan

The new BMW X3 is definitely a mid-size luxury SUV in the presence of a maverick, the wave extended in wave after wave hit, it still maintain the character standard axis, then the face of the reality of the issues at hand are extended, BMW the X3 how to deal with it? Yes, that was equipped.

The 2020 BMW X3 a listing, it caused quite a stir, because of the abolition top model, the whole configuration of a decentralized, but the price remains unchanged for consumers undoubtedly give away the same, and send out these configurations, can not erase the wheelbase and space to bring little regret it?

and external design unchanged

Test drive the new BMW X3 configuration upgrade price unchanged1

the facelift, the overall design of the same, is still a luxury suite and includes the M sport package, the only thing different is that the M sport package models canceled fog lamps design, below all intake decorative black trim.

and the tail of the old section and consistency, even though even the tail group there was no change in the structure design, the tail coupled with true bilateral double exhaust, while the exhaust valve is left, in the steady motion with temperament.

Test drive the new BMW X3 configuration upgrade price unchanged2

because only the new models, so useless to any change in the interior style, is only part of the upgrade configuration, which is also the focus of this new model change places.

number of practical configurations are presented

2020 BMW X3 uses a new 12.3-inch LCD all-new instrument panel, and is currently BMW's latest models use the same style double-C, compared to before half-LCD instrument panel, information display more rich and diverse, science and technology increased level.

The 2020 BMW X3 will be upgraded to the vehicle computer iDrive 7 operating system, ease of operation and integration have improved the system in the latest of several models I have experienced, ease of use is much better than before.

Test drive the new BMW X3 configuration upgrade price unchanged3

BMW models as necessary Harman Kardon stereo speakers 16, in the old section, only xDrive 30i models will be standard, this is decentralized to the xDrive 28i model, configuration sincerity to get the show, but also canceled the low 9 with the horn attachments.

Test drive the new BMW X3 configuration upgrade price unchanged4

before the seat heating ventilation only standard on xDrive 30i models, other models are needed option, seat heating needs 3,000 yuan, the whole system comes standard with heated seats on the 2020 models, car owners to be white north send a large welfare.

only on the standard models prior xDrive 30i

??induction tailgate, this configuration has been in the new decentralized 28i above models now are equipped with the holding case can be hands free weights a.

Test drive the new BMW X3 configuration upgrade price unchanged5

in addition, the whole system comes standard with all road traffic safety recognition, xDrive 30i model is equipped with a lane keeping assist system, a vehicle active safety systems richness and precision has been further improved, and this gives a lot of vehicle price increase.

Currently competing products including Audi Q5L, Mercedes-Benz GLC L have been lengthened, while still maintaining standard BMW X3 axis play, keep the wheelbase 2864mm, performance space for the head four fingers, fists left and right legs distance, law-abiding, but good enough, so the upgrade on the configuration, the BMW X3 can be seen as inferior to competing products on the small wheelbase compared with a configuration to fill on.

Test drive the new BMW X3 configuration upgrade price unchanged6

as with the exterior, dynamic, and there is no change, continue to carry B48 engine, 2.0T high school is divided into three low-power, which xDrive 25i models for the low-power 184 horsepower, xDrive 28i models for the medium power 224 horsepower, xDrive 30i models for the high power models 252 horsepower, I tested a high-power version of the xDrive 30i in the last year, while the test drive for the xDrive 28i models.

with this car before I test drive xDrive 30i model actually is not a small difference between the driving experience, the difference between the two hundred mph have about 0.8 seconds, but the most obvious place is pushed when accelerating back to not feeling strong, dynamic erupted been subdued. Especially in sport mode, normal mode and the difference is not very big, but fast response speed, but speed is not xDrive 30i models come so fast.

Test drive the new BMW X3 configuration upgrade price unchanged7

in normal driving, this car's throttle seems to be more docile and easy to control some, not so radical to the power ready to meet, so I think the output at the moment, is the most suitable match for the power of the X3 urban transport.

Test drive the new BMW X3 configuration upgrade price unchanged8

undoubtedly, this gearbox ZF 8AT performance is still satisfactory, shifting smoothness is not because of the different power output and change themselves, most of the time you do not feel it's there, unless you take the initiative to switch to manual mode paddles to tease it, it's still a not fault the smooth and stable transmission.

Test drive the new BMW X3 configuration upgrade price unchanged9

of course, the suspension filter of the car, I still think it's more partial suspension comfort of tune, but it is a strong contrast to that area before F30 road feel of the chassis, like the face of the chassis or G05 to G20 He said that one of its advantages is that still has a good feedback from the road, at the same time without losing comfort.

In addition to its four-wheel drive electric structure employed in multi-plate clutch differential control, but because the positioning problem, it is in fact more in the four-wheel drive is to have a more sandy and muddy roads, etc. good grip, you can assign dynamic real-time, allowed to have a very good grip and by sex, on cross-country, naturally it added value.

Test drive the new BMW x3 summary

The facelift, BMW X3 xDrive 30i let enjoy cancel type top models, in turn leading into the xDrive 30i and xDrive type Configuration the 28i model, equal dosage does not increase, and because xDrive 28i is the main sales model, in order to waves, which was increased with, cancel the top model, which for consumers is a good thing.

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