Red flag H9: Chinese version of the Rolls Royce

2020 January 8, Red Flag's medium and large cars H9 officially released, from the positioning point of view, H9 will hit the red flag future business use. We were on the red flag H9 space test, this extraordinary momentum of China's luxury car brand in the large world brands and exactly how much distance, let us first space test to test something.

Red flag H9: Chinese version of the Measurement

red interior passenger space H9

or seating space old rules, found longitudinal space, we distance the brake pedal to the front seat position of the seat back is adjusted to 900mm, the distance between the two longitudinal rear seat back measurement. Headspace measurements, the distance is adjusted to the minimum roof front seat, to measure the lowest cushion. Measuring a distance between upper sides of the door armrest, derived horizontal space. Furthermore, we also measure the height and width of the rear platform, the final data is obtained as shown in FIG.

Red flag H9: Chinese version of the

(front seat)

Red flag H9: Chinese version of the

(rear seat)

Red flag H9: Chinese version of the

(rear seating layout)

H9 seats with red leather cover, cushion and backrest are very large, for supporting the body in place, while models starting debut for the four versions, we can see, the new car will be the main future business needs, will be a direct competitor to the traditional luxury brands targeting medium and large cars.

Red flag H9: Chinese version of the

(front passenger space Display)

height 179cm, weight about 90kg experience of those who sat in the front row red flag H9, head space performance is more general.Red flag H9: Chinese version of the

(rear passenger space Display)

relative to the rear space compared to the same level in the large car is not too well-off, those who experience sitting in the back, headroom is almost no margin legroom in a fist around 2 refers to the space show the same level models still not a small gap with. H9 red interior with light colors, and equipped with a panoramic sunroof and a large window area, therefore, the car rides are not depressed, vision is more transparent. On the whole, the red flag H9 rear passenger space in the large sedan and can not achieve the average "pass line", but because of its space is not significant depression, is also equipped with electrically adjustable rear entertainment screen and other comfort configuration, so the rides not too bad.

Red flag H9: Chinese version of the

(proportions schematic)

H9 why compared to red the same level models, its rear space is so cramped it? By schematic we can clearly see, the B pillar of the divided front and rear seating area, significantly greater than the proportion of the front back. Performed better compared to the rear vertical space models, the proportion of red H9 some "disorder", so it's back room had been set from the beginning of the design pattern.

red interior storage space H9 / trunk space

interior storage space for the test, we used large (1500ml), medium (550ml), S (350ml) bottles of mineral water to test it. The red H9 up to the front door and placing a large number of bottles 2, the rear door panel may be placed in the number two bottles. Front door storage space / rear performed well enough to place the mug and other items when traveling.

red trunk space H9

trunk space for practical test, in addition to the actual measurement, we also use a standard size (30 * 30 * 30cm) of the carton to filling, see trunk space can accommodate several standard carton. As the red flag H9 rear seats equipped with a "boss seat" with a lot of comfort and electrically adjustable configuration, so rear seat backrest can not be brought down, trunk space can not be extended further, this is the same level of many executive saloon It features consistent.

Red flag H9: Chinese version of the

H9 red trunk space can accommodate six standard size carton loading capacity in general, it trunk layout is structured, but each wheel and rear wheel suspension systems take up too much space, leading to the width of the trunk is limited. But considering the future use of the red flag H9 scenes may hit business use, place the trunk 2-3 person transfers its board chassis machine is not too difficult.

General interior storage space sufficient

red disadvantage of

cramped rear passenger space, the storage capacity of the trunk generally

Looking back at the history of China's auto industry, a consistent brand handful, from 1958 to 2020, 60 years time, the red flag has witnessed the development of Chinese automobile industry. Today, the red flag H9 debut, it means that Chinese luxury brands will once again refresh awareness of the Chinese car. China Red Flag brand can become a true representative of the high-end car? Ability to achieve sales of 1 million by mid-2030 "small target"? Wait and see!

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