Tesla Model 3 performance version of the ultimate test

Tesla's total global market capitalization has officially surpass Volkswagen, among the world's carmakers second, just behind the Toyota. Of course, these things erratic stock market, already the world can not explain Tesla car prices a brother. But a new force repairer can be mingled this point, its cheapest model Model 3 is absolutely withheld.

Before we have a long life on the Model 3 all-wheel drive version of the ultra-depth evaluation carried out, it is why today there are a Model article 3 of it? As the saying goes, to accelerate the slow performance of Tesla is not a good car. We finally borrowed a Model 3 Performance legendary high-performance all-wheel-drive version, a 50 to 10 000 but can be a congregation of ultra-running car bombers kill to slag in one hundred zero acceleration, it must be a cool as fast.

Tesla Model 3 accelerated brake test

Tesla Model 3 performance version of the ultimate test1

overwhelming!? Stormy seas? Choppy? No, no, not right. In front of these word to describe the scene it must be accompanied by a loud noise. This may have a small electric car 462 horsepower, accelerates from zero to the 100km/h in three seconds o'clock, my ears buzzing motor sound only.

But on accelerated Effort, I was convinced. This is more than three seconds inside the bell, even though you knew all this from the car accelerates to control your right foot, you still can not help but cry out, it might be squeezed into what the acceleration of the nerves of the brain? Anyway, these six words to describe the violent acceleration, is the "silent dog bites dead."

Tesla Model 3 performance version of the ultimate test2

(Model 3 Performance0-100km/h acceleration scores 3.47 seconds)

but indeed, this acceleration will not make people very addictive. No charming voices, it can only be considered a simple play with acceleration, play more people also easy to dizziness. Like many people like to say: "This is XX without a soul." This is why the street to see Tesla, they rarely something all right hard acceleration. Those internal combustion engine performance cars have beautiful voices are not the same, each of them roar in the driver touches the soul, makes you want to keep and then speeding up, ..... digress, anyway, is such a going on.

Tesla Model 3 performance version of the ultimate test3

(Model 3 performance100-0km/h braking performance 36.57 m)

brake test bland. Model 3 Performance curb weight is 1875kg, which compared the BMW M3 weight nearly 200kg, which will undoubtedly have a negative effect on braking performance. But four passers-Wan Shite from Hankook Tire fulfill the mission for performance, strong grip make 100km/h on the Model 3 brake stop within 36.57 meters of the. We can see that the whole braking process acceleration are stable at about 1g, and this is the reason why it feels very stable in the car.

In fact, daily opened Model 3 friends will know, as long as the normal means of transport do not mess things up, we rarely really step on the brake pedal. Tesla Kinetic Energy Recovery do now is still the only one in the world, almost completely replace the accelerator pedal brakes, brake gently to stop, fine tuning the braking force can be accomplished by kinetic energy recovery, and it is a great braking force adjustment range, completely you will have concerns not brake the car. And whether it is the cheapest model 3 or the current market the most expensive model X comes standard with this feature, this is the most fragrant places Tesla.

3 Tesla Model Slalom moose test

opened Model 3 friends should know that this car can not be called daily open up very comfortable. Bang chassis hard, narrow seat, sitting strange, this is my bad impression of it. Since it is generally very comfortable doing that exercise, manipulations should be pulled one back, after all, you call yourself a Performance.

Tesla Model 3 performance version of the ultimate test4

to slalom first, very tight steering the vehicle bottom cell and low center of gravity caused by Slalom will give you an advantage, that I am quite curious. Straight to the point, to 68 ~ h speed of 69km /, Model 3Performance through the slalom test. After all, car-specific customized performance Hankook tires and low center of gravity placed in this, to get such a result in our not unexpected.

Tesla Model 3 performance version of the ultimate test5

Tesla Model 3 performance version of the ultimate test6

Slalom limit on subjective feelings is concerned, I can not give this Model 3 a very high rating. Too sensitive electronic steering ratio and steering feel taste too strong, so I did not get any real body very dynamic feedback. Car at the end of several hundred kilograms of batteries still make a bit overwhelmed chassis, wheels are skidding obvious trend of. Of course, this is it, and those millions of gasoline derived opponent of "bad comments", after all, this car's acceleration gave us a very good impression, we will inevitably make their other areas have high look forward to.

But if substituting everyday driving, Model 3 or cornering give people a very good feeling. Can be found from the Slalom test, Model 3 chassis roll suppression capability is very strong, curved in like a big magnet attached to the road, even if all of a sudden acceleration to speed quickly and the line to overtake, the car was also not there is feeling of instability, everyday driving confidence is still very full.

Tesla Model 3 performance version of the ultimate test7

come talk about the moose test, we got the results 72km h /. I mentioned above had a strong performance tire with this Model 3Performance, which hit the first direction when the moose test time is particularly evident. The direction of a hit, just like the front, like a scalpel to cut pile bucket over. But in the subsequent back and forth tangent, since heavy front axle car problems, there have been some slip Tuitou, this time pointing to the front will become somewhat blurred, with ESP intervention, it is easy to hit the pile barrel.

But in any case, low center of gravity is justice. I feel there is always an invisible force this stage of Tesla's chassis to push where you want to go, even if the whole process you always can not help to repair several directions, so you recovered test has ended, and the car also it passed.

Tesla Model 3 even able to drift ......

After Fuel drift drive performance cars, surely we all become commonplace. Can you ever imagined a four-wheel drive electric cars can also be a power shift? On the enclosed site, I opened the Model 3Performance unique track mode. This model Tesla currently in all models, only the Model 3Performance there.

In addition to closed outer TC et electronic assistant system, the track pattern comprises a further enhanced kinetic energy recovery, torque distribution in real time, to improve the efficiency of the cooling system of three-analog differential lock function. Although the track mode without increasing the motor output, but these adjustments wants Model 3Performance faster on the track that is more than enough.

Tesla Model 3 performance version of the ultimate test8

Model 3 from floating manner and rear-wheel drive vehicle is consistent properties. Full switches the direction of play, this Model 3 rear suddenly slip up. However, less than half circle floated, floated the car does not want to continue, the entire car back to a positive start. Obviously, the front axle of the motor begin to exert, and began to slip rear axle, thereby helping the car faster out of the corners with the power offset. This "track mode" really is not either substance, its primary task is to ensure cornering efficiency, rather than doing a given circle drift this "boring" trick.

No matter from which side, Model 3Performance price is undoubtedly high. More than 50 million, all over the world will you find such a strong performance in a handcart. Zero one hundred acceleration in 3.5 seconds, can drift, four, and constantly upgrade OTA automatic driver assistance ..... After much deliberation, the only thing I do not like this car, only the driver's seat sitting slightly too narrow, etc. ergonomic problems (Yes, even the poor sound insulation I have accepted). But then again, those real performance car buyers probably will still love those increasingly rare large displacement engine fuel, right?

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