Winter tire use precautions

At present, the cold winter season, the tire as an important part of the vehicle, at this time, should care, maintenance. So, what experiences in the winter use of the tires in winter? Recently, the reporter interviewed several experienced owners. They gave some suggestions. I hope these recommendations can help you drive in winter.

Warm conditions should be replaced with snow tires

Half a month ago, Mr. Li, who had 10 years of driving, replaced a snow tire, after the snow, after the snow, Mr. Li recommended the owner of the owner after I have passed the ice and snow road, if there is conditional most I have given my car to change a snow tire so that it is safe to drive. "I think the snowy tires are very strong, although there is a smooth phenomenon on the special slippery road, but it is better than the four seasons. In winter, the snow is safer. Since my car is relatively small, So I changed 4 snow tires to spend more than 1200 yuan. The price of 4 snowfades in size is around 3,000 yuan. "Mr. Li said.

The tires of the vehicle are like a person's feet. In winter, it is necessary to take special care, so it is recommended that there is a conditional car to replace the snow tires for your car.

Tire pressure is not too high

Mr. Zhang, who had 8 years of driving experience, said: "It is necessary to reduce tire pressure on the ice and snow road, because the friction coefficient of winter roads is relatively low, the tire pressure will affect the adhesion of the tire, so the tire pressure is not too high. It is worth noting that the tire pressure in the winter is not too low. Work. "

To remove the inside of the car

Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang, is particularly careful when using the car, she often checks whether there is sundries in the tire treatter, once she has a debris, she will immediately clean up. "I think the tire is really like my own feet. If there is a sundries in the tire pattern, there will be bumpy feelings when driving, in order to make the tires longer, for driving safety, it is recommended that the car is mainly cleaned up. Drop the debris in the tread.

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