10 or so suitable for home models recommended

Household cars generally require a large space, oil-saving, comfortable driving experience. So many owners will have this requirement when buying, now, in order to better buy the favorite household car, I recommend a few 10 models that are suitable for home use. I hope to help you!

First, 10 or so suitable for household models recommended


Brand: Harvard

Level: SUV

Engine: 1.5T/2.0T/2.4L

Advantages: good shape, affordable!

Disadvantages: Quality is not

Overview: If you do the quality, you can definitely become a car!

2. Ford

Brand: Ford

Level: Compact Car Engine: 1.0T/1.5T/1.6L/1.8L/2.0L

Advantages: The car is very good, and the multi-connected rod is united. The general car is half independent. I like Xiao Fu, and I am very satisfied with it.

Disadvantages: The latter space is small and the rear row does not have air-conditioned air outlets, and there is no head pillow.

Summary: Personally feel that Xiao Fu is the highest price ratio in the A-class car. It is equipped with the ESP body. It is unconnected, which is not available, Xiao Fook has been done, and the safe and old car safety is also relatively high. Oh.

3. Geely

Brand: Geely

Level: SUV

Engine: 1.8L/2.0L

Advantages: appearance atmosphere, high return rate. Large car standard, good interior design

Disadvantages: It may be a bit hard, there is a tap when the speed is measured, and then the seat is small, the seat is a bit hard, and the turn of the turn is not obvious.

Summary: The whole is very good, I will not regret it. Get the price. Three major pieces are very good, the 2.0 engine low-toch output is still very good, CVVT engine is also very effective. Such a good chassis, the high speed is very stable, and the inclination is also small when turning. The gearbox is said to be the overall feeling of GX7 GX7 in Germany! It is a very cost-effective, exterior, powerful, space, good manner. A very good car.


Brand: MG

Level: Compact car

Engine: 1.5L/1.5T

Advantages: fashion, indoor space is spacious

Disadvantages: poor quality, high fuel consumption, large noise

Summary: Space, the space drive is not small, very comfortable, head, and legs are very spacious. It is more than enough to run, and it will not feel badly than empty cars. The control is easy, very flexible, when it is stable, the steering wheel will be very sinking, the blade is more. Interiors can only be used in the middle of the rules.

5. Peugeot

Brand: Peugeot

Level: SUV

Engine: 1.6L/1.6T

Advantages: Exquisite appearance, interior classics, the french chassis control is really not covered, the flight is unique.

Disadvantages: The tire noise is slightly large, the rear projections are too high, the space is a bit short, and the 4at overtaking is a bit of hard.

Summary: Beautiful appearance, absolutely in line with the aesthetics of young people, and the sense of control is very good, and the power is a bit short.

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