long-distance driving is sleepy?

Everyone is in the New Year, I want to travel with my family and friends during the New Year, and I will go everywhere in a good time. When the opening is difficult, if you are sleepy, if you fall asleep, then the consequence is unbearable - If you still remember the driver who once broke the "Drive Sleeping" Time World Record, you will understand how dangerous!

Although it is a common feeling of being a long-distance sleep, it is a good psychology. So in the Spring Festival holiday, AUTOTALKSHOW combines several old drivers to drive alone, let colleagues personally How to break the test fatigue driving:

1, wipes Dafa

Washing face is good, but only the direct way, the water is evaporated to walk away, the whole face and the neck are cool and naturally awake. So the wet paper towel is one of the most direct props. In any case, there is a paper napkin. After replacement into a wipes, the sister will still feel that you are considerate, and it is also a must-have magic weapon.

But talking about different kinds of wet paper towels, after the measurement, there is only one is convenient, it is convenient to operate, that is, the hard-top cover, because there is a hardness, one hand is single-handed, and basically Other types, especially single-chip torn, unreasonable, sometimes torn open a corner towel and can't pull out half a day ...

Finally, supplement a wet paper towel, there is a suitable baby without alcohol, not recommended. Because alcohol volatilization in the wipes is faster, the effect of refreshing is much better than the general wet water.

2, spicy air oil essence

The wind oil is mentioned in a lot of Raiders, and there is not much to say this here, and when you refresh the effect, you will definitely teach. The problem here is still a single-handed operation: the wind oil in the upper left corner below is not recommended, and the difficulty of single-hand operation is too difficult, and the other can unscrew it to apply it.

There is also the habit of smearing the whole bottle of art to the torch, this is also extremely unbursed in driving, because this control is not good, it will go down the cheek, leading to distraction, more serious, high school The times have experienced, this kind of coating is easy to put the overflow of the air oil to the eyes, and the danger of the car is dangerous ...

3, let the fresh air align the nose

People are trapped by hypoxia, so the multi-sectoral/external cycle is already a often talking in long-distance driving. At this time, the air-conditioned air outlet is aligned with your face, with the wind oil, wet tissue, is simply refreshing to wake up the best three songs. It is worth noting that long-term blowing facilities will cause dry fatigue, appropriate (wake) degree (come).

In addition, the diagonal driver, the diagonal driver is undoubtedly a more realistic way, but if the wind is too low, or the fuel consumption caused by the wind is too high (that is not much not much), you can find a most On the right side, keep the safe distance slowly follow the back of a period of time, is also a slightly desirable moment. I have experienced, general highways will have 60-80km/h large stocks slowly crawled.

However, it is not good to inhale too much exhaust, and the rightmost side is generally high-speed entrance position, so I will hurry with the car.

4, make a drama with the car

The above is said to be with big goods, here if you say how to add a launcher, you will talk to a car - I thought that only I was so many play, the result was discussed with my friends, I have had this Experience: Find a fun car, or modified handsome, or bring a belongings, or rare on the street (excluding those scums of the car), seriously follow all the way, and of course pay attention to the safe distance!

Refreshing the gods is almost immediate. After all, it is a heavy concentration of scattered energy. It can even settle it to imagine how the other party is a BOSS. How to struggle with luxury cars, which is the modification of the car. Which brand is. But pay attention to don't be too annoyed, because it is easy to miss the intersection, friends will experience this kind of embarrassment.

5, eat candy/sing/see landscape

As long as you don't hinder the driving thing, you may wish to do it when you sleep, say twisted neck, stretch your arm, etc., and the old driver is recommended to eat sugar, sing and see the two-eye landscape, is a more effective way. Among them, the sugar increases oral action and odor. Natural effect is good, but only hard box packaging is recommended, other functions such as hand torn, paper, etc., are not recommended.

And singing more, the car is better than the KTV private room, but it is better than singing live, but it is necessary to remind it that this kind of hurting Yuan is not going to do for a long time, and I have been singing, especially inserting, in fact, it will let I am more tired, refreshing things, excessive is extremely important ...

There is also "watching the scenery", it is strict, just just a good look, after all, it is too much. However, moderately transfer, it will be a lot of pavements to look at repeated roads for a long time. When you run long distances, you must pay attention to the beauty of many urban areas, promise me, look at it, and you will be happy.

6, ready to be most reliable in advance

Saying back forward, preparation, sufficient sleep naturally does not have to say more, so eat too much, because the blood is involved in the cycle of the stomach, so it is generally very easy to sleep after meals. "Eat" is full of roads ", this is certainly not suitable for drivers ...

Also, feature drinks, coffee, tea, if you often drink, in fact, it is true, and coffee and tea are especially tested. Good way; final, one of the most practical methods, if it is too sleepy, it will never strong support, there is a service area or high speed, just go out to take a break!

When I say, when I have been smoking, I just like the driver like "blind open a minute" driver, not everyone. Therefore, with its adventure, it is better to master the above approach, and if you can't even get how much money, you can save yourself. Finally, what is the way to have used the old drivers to do asleep, do they have used it?

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