Cancel the strong insurance

For the car owners, the label for the car is a very troublesome thing, especially the label needs to be replaced regularly. So, how can we solve this trouble? Let's learn about the new driving regulations, see 2019 to cancel the dangerous insurance car logo? Does it mean not to buy strong insurance

First, the 2019 intensive insurance car standard needs to stick?

Many car labels well-known have three main types, which are annual inspection standards, environmental standards, and intersection. As early as 2 years ago, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Public Security have jointly released the cancellation of motor vehicle environmental protection compliance, so there is still a post on the car. Nowadays, the owners in some areas will say goodbye to the intensive insurance!

The owner purchased an electronic policy. The traffic police only need to connect to whether to purchase insurance without having to post the insurance sign to the window. This policy begins in Beijing, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities. At present, Shandong Province has also begun to implement, and we will be promoted to the whole country.

Second, 2019 canceled the exchange of dangerous insurance labels means not to buy strong insurance

The news that the trolley passenger paste is about to cancel, many owners are excited, but also mistakenly think that they don't have to buy their own insurance! But the truth is not the case, the intensive insurance (some areas) can not post, but the intensity insurance is still necessary to buy. ! Communication insurance is the insurance that the country's first legal provisions need to be enforced, and there is an important role in the responsibility compensation of traffic accidents. "Cancellation of intensive insurance" is impossible!

However, although Beijing, Shenzhen, Shandong and other regions have implemented the "exemption-free intensive" policy, once the owner left the above three regions, it may be punished by the traffic police, and this problem is also caused. Local Insurance Regulatory Bureau and the public security traffic control department attach great importance to the public security traffic control department, and I hope that the electronic policy policy can be promoted to the whole country, so that more owners benefit!

Third, the annual inspection standard will still focus on attention

The environmental label is canceled, and the intensive danger is also canceled, and the windshield of the car is more purified!

"According to the Road Traffic Safety Law, the vehicles on the road to travel should be pasted in the upper right corner of the vehicle front window. The motor vehicle that is not allowed to put the annual inspection qualified sign will be remembered 1 penalty 50 Yuan punishment. "

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