Lu R15V7 of the driver you're so anxious it?

September 18 afternoon, Shandong Heze a school gate, raining, Lu R15V76 a white car in this pass, the driver not only failed comity past students, but simply use the front against the children's legs, life and rub out Road.

After investigation, Zhang Xing Nvzi driving when the collision that occurred as more than two in the afternoon, students go to school. In this white car passing car, the driver simply use the front against the children's legs, life and rub out a way! Not only does not give way to pedestrians, but against the students move on. Zhang violation of the provisions of Article 87, paragraph 2 of the "Road Traffic Safety Law": motor vehicle passing a road without traffic signals, pedestrian is crossing the road, shall give way; according to "Road Traffic Safety Law" ninety driver a fine of 50 yuan Zhang, three points penalty.

After the punishment and education, the owner Zhang regret for their actions. Police in the educational process, she kept wiping tears, requested through the lens, we express our sincere apologies to students and parents.

After the incident, that someone said Lu R15V7 the owner, so you worry you? According to media reports Earlier, Heze Civilization responded by saying that if the owner of the unit where Lu R15V76 civilized units, their units will also be affected.

These 10 vehicle violation is revoked