Manual stop steam

Now most people apply for the model to handle the car, but this type of car is the hardest point is shift. So, how should we correct it?

When the shift is changed, the clutch is not stepped on.

If the clutch cannot be completely separated, the engine and the transmission first shaft cannot be completely disengaged, and the time is separated when the transmission, which causes the shift, which is particularly easy to damage the gear.

When the direction of change is shifting

When many people shift, the left hand unconsciously offset the direction of the direction toward the center of the road, causing the car to suddenly cross the line or occupying the road, which is very dangerous in road driving.

Keep in mind gear map

The gear distribution of the manual vehicle is that there are several kinds. When you are sitting on the driver's seat, the first eye should scan the gear map of the shift lever hand, (my trick is to remember 1 gear and the reverse position. ). If you remember to drive, you can't look down on the speed lever, especially in the urban and high speeds, low-shifts easily cause the vehicle to run, often the accident.

Don't shift

When shifting, it is not in place, hard push, especially easy to damage the gear, not only damage to the parts, but also easy to cause a car accident.

Long-term use low speed

Drive at a long time, low speed, high speed, less driving mileage, relatively increased fuel consumption, at this time, the fuel consumption should be normal 2-3 times. Therefore, after the vehicle starts, as long as it is not a low-temperature cold car, it should raise the gear to the appropriate level as soon as possible. Relatively, the high speed bell is low-speed shifting.

The shift rod moved to the empty block and woven

Many people hang until the empty chart, they habitually hang, and they will sway their hand. After the hanging space block, the shifting pole is often unstable, and it is easy to sway, which is easy to cause parts of the fork.

Two-legged clutch shift and breaking the air gates

The old driver will use, but now it is not advocated, because the car is now equipped with a synchronizer, making the shift of the car becomes easier, but since theoretically uses two foot clutch shifts and breaking the air gates ( Many people feel troublesome, so they don't talk about it) but is advantageous for extending the service life of the part.

High speed lower level plug

I often see that someone directly adds 3 blocks from 1 to the 3 gear directly 5. (Of course, except for special circumstances when the big slope) will involve the engine speed and speed (ie synchronous speed) match, etc. ( Theoretically save 500 words). We should be stepped down step by step, not staged, the purpose is to protect the gearbox, and prevent flameout. But here you have to emphasize that the reduction will be grade it, and it is necessary to determine to reduce several gears according to the speed of the vehicle, and the over-stage shift should be performed in daily driving.

The car did not stop when changing

When the car has not stopped, the gear is still turning. If it is replaced by a reverse block, there will be a phenomenon such as a gear.

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