Automotive annual review

As the number of cars is increasing, there are more and more policies for the supervision and inspection of the car. Now let's learn about the new regulations of the car, and look at what the "venting service" of the optimization service is.

First, the annual real estate system

The new volume of the vehicle is not changed compared with the year, but the car management is more simple after the vehicle management suits, and the requirements of the annual inspection after the implementation of the Six Standards are more stringent.

1. Optimize the car annual review: put the service

Speaking of the service, I believe that many people don't know what to do. The exhaustion operation is running in management services including vehicle management, financial management, medical management, social security management, etc., which is committed to making the procedures for business more simple and convenient, so the delivery service can be summed up: Decentralization, ventilation, optimization service. Also because the traffic such as the vehicle management has strong locality, the detailed requirements of the delivery service are different from all over the country, and the following measures listed below are all measures that are universal.

1 Application materials four relief

When handling traffic management, the applicant's identity certificate is exempted from copying, and the application form free of charge, vehicle identification code free expansion, vehicle purchase tax, exchange strength insurance, physical examination certificate and other relevant departments have proven to gradually submit it after the network is issued.

218 class business all evidence

The 18 types of car driving licenses such as replacement, and the applicant shall have a certificate of issues for the identity of the person.

3 ordinary business window

Integrate the process of optimizing the car driving service, implement electronic payment of online banking, WeChat, Alipay and other payment payment, realize business acceptance, data review, payment, card issuance "once a queue, one time."

4 Implement a national "inspection"

September 1, 2018, a comprehensive implementation of small cars, trucks and medium-sized passenger cars cross-province, and applicants can directly inspect and apply for inspection and test procedures directly outside the motor vehicle registration.

5 Promoting the car inspection program optimization

For 6 years, inspection vehicles are exempt from the Internet Service Platform, they can directly apply for the inspection mark. Promote the inspection institution to open an online reservation service, so that the masses "follow".

2. Improve annual review requirements: Six standards

Before the implementation of the Six Standards, the carrier was busy with the clearance, consumers were busy taking the opportunity to leak. Now Saixia has been implemented in many cities and regions in my country. Everyone is no longer buying, but an annual inspection. The Six emission standards are the most stringent exhaust emission standards in my country, and it is doubled than that of the country.

At the same time, the annual trial of the agency has changed on the inspection method of the motor vehicle, which not only introduces OBD detection, but also driving emissions, etc., to avoid emissions such as the public emission door again. Differences between countries 5 and countries >>

3. Improve supervision: Does the car do not need two trials for 15 years?

Recently, many news stated that non-operation cars did not need one year two trials for 15 years, and they were changed to a year; and their names can be interchanged. For the old car owners, the non-operation truck does not need a year and two trials for 15 years. It is indeed a good news of the year. Unfortunately, there is no substantial prove, and even the official Weibo of the traffic police also said. Did not receive relevant notifications.

Instead, it is true that it is true that the news is true. The news is actually derived from the vehicle management business. It can not only interchange the license plate, but also the motor vehicle is scrapped or transferred. The original license plate reserved time is also It is extended to two years a year.

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