China Tire Top Ten Brand Rankings

Tire is one of the important accessories of the car. What brand of domestic tires is good? Let's take a look at the top ten famous names of 2018 domestic tires.

2018 domestic tires top ten famous brands

1, Zhengxin CST

Zhengxin CST is a top ten brands of tires, China's well-known trademarks, and a well-known brand of China's national mandatory product certification brand, and is also one of the largest rubber tire production enterprises in Xiamen.

2, BCT

Beijing's first tire limited liability company is the Beijing Capital Entrepreneurship Group on the original Beijing Tire Factory (founded in 1970), after asset restructuring the wholly-owned subsidiary established in 1999, is one of the 24 key tire manufacturers in the country. The company mainly applies PIRELLI technology to develop and produce multiplier, light km, light card, load, and engineering oblique fetus.

3, Wanli

Wanli is the independent brand of Guangzhou South China Rubber Tire Co., Ltd., after the 199 years of development, it is now a leader in China's tire industry, Guangdong tire industry.

4, triangle

Founded in 1976, Delta Group Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of professional production of tires. The main products include cars and light km, cars, middays, engineers, giant engineering tires, giant oblique projects and ordinary Swardling products and other products are the largest comprehensive supply and research integrated tire enterprises in the country.

5, Cheng Mountain

Chengshan brand tire is a high-quality product produced by Shandong Chengshan Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd., Chengshan Rubber (Group) has been rated as 500 largest industrial enterprises across the country in 1988. "Chengshan" brand tire has formed eight series 240 A variety of specifications, "Chengshan" brand tires have won the honors of "domestic boutique", "Chinese famous brand goods" and "consumers' trustworthy products", and successfully passed the China Tire Product Certification Committee Product System Certification and September 1996. Quality certification, currently, "Chengshan" brand tires sell well all over 50 countries and regions in overseas.

6, Chaoyang

China Censions Rubber Group Co., Ltd. is currently one of China's largest tire production enterprises. The company adopts international advanced production technology and international top tire manufacturing, testing equipment, has formed an annual output of 46 million sets of specifications of car tires. Production capacity, tire technology and production capacity lead the link in China.

7, sea big

Wuliangye Group Sichuan Kawang Group Co., Ltd. is the Sichuan Rubber Factory. In 1970, it is mainly developed, produced, and the whole steel min tire, semi-steel mid-to-ray tire, oblique tire and rubber products, the company is the national tire designation enterprise and The only large backbone enterprise in Sichuan Province, China's largest semi-steelmalent tire production base in southwestern China.

8, exquisite

Shandong Linglong Rubber Co., Ltd. is a top 20 world tires, one of the three major tire manufacturers and 1,000 national largest industrial enterprises in the country. The lead tires have oblique feturs, passenger and light clips, all-steel wars, special tires, etc. Ten series, nearly 2000 species.

9, pull back/double money

The back and double money tire is a high-quality product produced by Shanghai Tire Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd., which is a large-scale tire production enterprise, Shanghai Tire Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd., which has more than 130 kinds of real-loaded tire varieties. Quality has passed the US "DOT" and Europe "ECE" certification, and has reached the advanced level of similar products abroad.

10, Fengshen

Fengshen Tire Co., Ltd., established on December 01, 1998, one of China's largest total steel tire tires, one of the largest engineering machinery tire production enterprises, the company is a national high-tech enterprise, has passed the ISO9001 quality system, TS16949 System, E-Mark, US DOT certification, EU ECE and other 14 certifications, is one of the large number of domestic tire industry through the above certified enterprises.

The above introduction of the relevant content of the top ten brand names of 2018 domestic tires, let's take a look at the tire purchase guide.

1, tire width

The fetal width is determined by the width of the hub, and the width of the tread also determines the grip performance of the tire, the greater the in-theoretical area of ??the tread width and the ground, the greater the grip of the tire, the more controlled performance The better. However, since the rolling of the wide tire increases, the fuel consumption will also increase. So in the classification of the tire, the pursuit of performance models will choose a wide tire, but if it is a household economy, then its tread will not be very wide.

2, the tire flat ratio

The flat ratio means that the height of the tire cross section accounts for a percentage of the maximum width of the cross section. The tires of the high-seat ratio are highly comfortable than the tire wall length, the buffering ability is high, but the feeling of the road is poor, the lateral resistance of the turn is weak; the reaction is low, the low flat ratio, the large inner diameter tire, Due to short fetal walls, the tread is wide, and thus the ground area is large, the pressure of the tire is also large, and the road response is very sensitive. The lateral resistance of the turn is strong, and the vehicle's handling is strong.

3, choose a tire brand

The daily purchase of tires are most directly and convenient to buy from tire brands, just with the truth of the car, better brand has Michelin, Bridgestone, buttery. But you don't need to blindly pursue advanced brands. After all, it's best. Different models, different road conditions, different needs, suitable tires are different. Tires in each brand are also divided into different grades and series. Generally high-end bias movement and mute, medium and low-end bias resistant wear resistance.

4, tire pattern

In addition to the aesthetics, the tire pattern also affects the handling of the car, whether there is noise, drainage performance, abrasion resistance, and the like. The most common tire patterns are transverse groove pattern, straight trench pattern, straight cross trench pattern, block pattern, and five kinds of asymmetric patterns. Among them, the transverse groove is well friction, the straight trench is small, suitable for outdoor travel needs of SUV, and the block pattern is suitable for muddy or snow, rather than symmetrical pattern with better drainage.

5, tire performance index

There must be tire wear, traction, three signs of tires, referred to as "three t". The wear index refers to the identification of tire tread wear performance and service life, the higher the value, the more wear the tire; the tire traction index is to measure the adhesion performance of the tire and the ground, divided into four levels of AA, A, B, and C The AA level is the highest; the heat generating index, which refers to the ability of the heat of the tire, which is related to the high speed performance of the tire, and is divided into three levels of A, B, C, and the A level is best.

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