Effect of automobile beauty on painting surface

Talking today is a problem with many people concerned and discussed. It is whether these conservation processes really will form a layer of thick protective film to change the thickness of the protective film.

To this end, we actually operate a round, see what the actual data is. This contrast is mainly to see two groups of data: First, look at the change in thickness of the paint surface after construction; Second, this level of protection after construction is completed for a while.

Comparison of painted surface thickness before and after 3 process construction

Preparing for work

In order to accurately compare the influence of the three major categories of processes for the thickness of the paint, we use the same car to test. In addition to normal car wash, there is no other painted surface maintenance.

The construction process operates in a 3m beauty store in Beijing, the first step of doing paint-faced maintenance is to enter the store, our wing tiger paint is still very good, washing the lack of painting.

We conducted data sampling in two parts of the body, one where the engine cover, the second is the part of the door, the data collected two places is to avoid the possible errors that the one-group data may exist. We divide the two parts and numbered, respectively, corresponding to four painted surface maintenance processes.

In addition, in order to reduce the error, all the data of the article is averaged 5 times in the region, and the tester data unit is micrometers (m), which is unified in m.


The four processes were implemented: 1, waxing; 2, sealing glaze, 3, plating film; 4, high-grade coating (3M brand said that this process is a coated crystal, in order to distinguish from coating, it is called a pairing crystal).

Changes in the thickness of painted surface after construction

Let's take a look at the data of the engine cover area after the construction is completed, in addition to the thickness of the coating area, the area of ??waxing, sealing glaze, and coated crystal is increased, where waxing and sealing The increase in thickness is greater than the coating and the plating area.

The data variation in the right door portion is not large. In addition to the thickness of the handwaxing process, the increase or decrease in the other three process regions is within 4 m.

The data collected after construction is shown that these processes have an effect on the thickness of the paint surface, but it is not absolutely thicker, and there is a thinner situation, and this change is not very large. This is because in the process of construction, in addition to waxing is directly operating after car wash (accurate data is accurate, the polishing treatment is also carried out before the waxing), the sealing glaze, the coating, and the coated crystal steel need The paint surface is degreased and polished. The so-called polishing is to make various conservation agents to show a better effect, grind the paint surface, remove the above impurities and make the paint surface smooth, then in various protector Painting. The polishing this process is the largest increase in the thickness of the paint surface, and is also the most injuried process in the original paint in the construction process. A car friend told me: "The general car is polished, and the thickness of the paint is almost the same ...".

For the four maintenance processes mentioned above, the process of polishing is required. It is equivalent to the thin layer of painted surface and a thin layer of maintenance layer, so the change in the thickness of the paint surface after construction is two. Some of the results after the change is superimposed, and some have a little reduced. From the overall result, in addition to the coating of the engine cover coating area and the right door, the thickness of the plating area is reduced (the reduction is within 4 m), and the thickness of other process regions has increased, an increase 2-6 m. It is given to the paint surface maintenance process.

This is the fresh data after construction, and how long can this protective layer is more concerned about the problem, let's take a look at the data collected again after 1 month after construction.

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