Without removal of the engine, how to determine whether serious engine deposits?

If you often go to 4s shops and garages can be found that they often use a tool to check for carbon deposits, is the car of the endoscope. Car endoscope is mainly used for detection and diagnosis of automobile engine, greatly reduce the repair time and costs, while avoiding many of the mechanical damage caused by disassembly.

Car endoscope very simple to use, as long as the endoscopic probe into the site to be detected. Check valve as coke, as long as the ignition coil and the spark plug is removed, the position of the lens into the spark plug can be clearly observed to the inside of the case. Without disassembling, easy operation, low cost, general maintenance of premises detection bigger is not charged.

Carbon worst case, what harm?

1. With the maintenance on time, a long time will continue to face difficult cold start, in addition to the cause loss of power and starter battery failure, probably caused by excessive engine deposits.

2. idle instability, unstable and accompanied tachometer jitter strange noise.

3. knocking cylinder, low speed acceleration be abnormal sound. ps: This is a very serious combustion chamber deposits will occur.

4. weak acceleration, overtaking struggling, fuel consumption bass bass up, the feeling of the car, fuel consumption is also higher than normal meat than before.

For those who are not serious carbon deposition engine, in addition to the use of an endoscope to examine the car, a few appropriate H-throttle can also improve the situation of coke. Because Feet throttle allows high engine speed, so that the combustion chamber temperature transiently increased, then a trace amount of carbon deposition temperature will be expanded, fragmentation is then discharged from the exhaust pipe. However, H-throttle engine is also very hurt, so do not always Bigfoot throttle, extremes meet ~

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