Tire spend the difference between 20 yuan and 200 yuan? After reading this do not waste money

Owners have experienced tire repair, is also a way to repair the wound with a different offer may ranging from 20 yuan to 200 yuan. The price of different repair methods in the end what is the difference? Which should you choose? I have a good chat with everyone.

Tire Measures currently on the market have a patch tire repair, tire repair nail mushrooms and heat up. We only against the most common tire repair patches and mushrooms nail Tire detail.

category Tire common

1, the patch Tire

Tire patch is the most common way a puncture on the market due to its high cost, so it is a lot of choice when owners tire repair.

2, the nail puncture mushroom

Mushroom nail Tire compensate the traditional patch no external tire repair tire repair any abuse, increasing the rod-shaped rubber to stop the maintenance of the outside of the tire, so it is a more advanced way of a puncture. However, because of its high price, there is a smaller audience crowd.

Mushroom staple Tire tread perpendicular to the necessary requirements to be punctured wounds, wounds for some minor damage (e.g., holes punched nail), the nail patch mushrooms also need to expand the existing hole in the wound, but some of the current backup store tires there are various sizes of mushroom nail to choose from, so for most of the damage, it is a complete mushroom nail competent.

reasons for the price gap

We often get wound with a different business offer in the Tire, from low to high is not a small difference, then in the end what difference does it make?

1, different patches

Depending on the patch brand, size, thickness, chip price will be different. Low price common area is small, but a thin rubber sheet. High price significantly thicker patch ordinary, large area, and the higher price of the patch interior also ply, repair better.

Not only ordinary differential patch, patches of mushroom nail back the same, there are common rubber patch and patch tape plies, increasingly thick patch clearly better than the effect of a weak patch repair.

2, different binder

Automobile tires are high temperature vulcanizing the raw rubber, vulcanized rubber can enhance the strength and improve the sensitivity of the temperature of the rubber. Although conventional stick and gel blocking in a short time to ensure that the patch and the innerliner of the tire, but the high temperature and the durability is poor, not only the room temperature vulcanizing agent can be a good adhesion to the tire, but also the paste sheet and vulcanized tire maximum crosslinking, thereby separating the tire and the patch as a whole, it is recommended that at normal temperature vulcanizing agent puncture.

Under some FIG sample after repair patch after a period of use, the patch can be covered with the bottom apparent dust and rubber particles, it is possible to use the preliminary determination of these patches are very common adhesive paste and the temperature Vulcanizing agent.

Use ordinary adhesive bonding glue is physical, that is, we often say "cold patch." They rely on sticky glue, a long time or for low temperatures, high temperatures, or water, it is easy to fall off the patch. And the use of room temperature vulcanizing agent, it is the onset of chemical reactions, can separate tire and patch together, better durability and will not appear simply scattered phenomenon.

I remind: a component of the tire is not just a car, but also sustains our traffic safety, because the tire explosion caused the accident is really unusual. Therefore, to good care, careful maintenance, so the tires can last longer, use more peace of mind!

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