Windows crammed into the small ads, fell into the crevices very hurt car!

When compared to those car owners have encountered a red light middle of the road made a small advertising people, vehicles lined up they started made a small ad for a color page of advertising better point once stopped, but for small cards must pay attention to the ad, calling on your loss may make a thousand dollars, do not underestimate these little cards, so why they have so much destructive power?

If they do not drive normally encountered window of the owners, will direct the card stuffed into the cracks of the window, wait until want to go down when the window card, the card will fall down the window glass crevices, due to the internal structure of the door is complex may be damaged because of a little card.

The bottom edge of the door with drain holes, if small card will plug the drain holes encountered water after thawing, once resulting in less water will damage the lift door, and the door will cause rusting parts water.

But we have to 4S repair shop was not worth the time and cost far more than a small card, just take the card unloading door, you may have about 200 hours fee ...

Rounds of small ads on the street people so hateful, simply harm to others, wearing their very dangerous in traffic, but also caused inconvenience to other owners, but we better not conflict with them, so the encounter little hair Otherwise the card ahead of the windows down, or else once the plug, do not open the window, until the card is removed from the outside of the lift.

After the car was exposure, do not immediately open air, it can be fatal!