Will the car be out of service if it is not maintained in the 4s shop?

I suspect that the 4S shop is too expensive to maintain and queuing up too much trouble. You can also go outside for maintenance. You can also enjoy the normal warranty.

Will the car be out of service if it is not maintained in the 4s shop?1

Three guarantees are not required Maintenance in a 4S shop

If the 4S shop tells you: If you do n't maintain in their shop, I will not give you a warranty, or whatever, it will not be guaranteed. This is completely the overlord clause.

It's a bit like a child who is not sensible. Take away all the delicious food. If you want to eat alone, you want to be beautiful. But when you are beaten, you are also such a disobedient child.

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People 's Republic of China has previously stipulated the "Three Guarantees for Cars" Law. With this interpretation, Wu Xiaobo, Director of the Product Quality Division, said:

Household car products are not authorized by the manufacturer 4S shop maintenance, quality problems, as long as there is no causal relationship with the maintenance.

Or if the maintenance in other 4S stores has not caused damage, the operator cannot dispense with the Three Guarantees responsibility.

The translation is: As a consumer, we are free to choose a repair shop for maintenance. As long as the car is not damaged due to maintenance, we can enjoy the normal warranty.

I went to another house today. I went to another house. I didn't go to the 4S shop. I changed the oil and the car horn broke down. You said, "You have done maintenance in another house. This horn is not Warranty for you. "This is not possible.

So don't listen to the words of any sales staff or after-sales consultants. This is what the state says. Family law cannot be greater than national law. No one can stop where to maintain and maintain, but all must be stopped. With formal credentials.

Must follow the normal maintenance in the maintenance manual.

Where you want to go, it does not mean that we can go wherever we want. The maintenance cycle and items must still follow the maintenance manual. Come, if you do n't comply, it is really possible that you will be out of insurance.

For example, the maintenance manual requires 10,000km or half a year maintenance, whichever comes first.

The car is driving less. After half a year, it only drove about 7000km. Or you have to drive another 3,000km for maintenance!

As soon as the time is exceeded, this will violate the provisions of the Three Guarantees Law, which will lead to the release of insurance.

The latest three-car law stipulates: "Repair regulations for home car products, replacement, return, liability regulations (revised draft for comments)".

The operator may not be liable for the Three Guarantees if the product is damaged due to consumers not using, maintaining and repairing the product correctly in accordance with the instruction manual.

Speaking with people is that in addition to the maintenance place you can change, other requirements can not be changed.

This is like during the epidemic, working remotely from home, people are at home and do not appear in the company, but the workload and task progress you have to complete each day, this is still to be completed.

But you have to prove that the right maintenance was done at the right time.

Most of the 4S shops pull skins because we have done a maintenance outside. He said it is your maintenance. improper.

So, the reason why the vehicle will be damaged is to refuse to provide us with warranty or warranty.

Time and maintenance items are well proven

So the most important point is to prove that we have done the right maintenance at the right time.

First of all, the time and maintenance items are well documented. No matter which repair shop to go to for maintenance, there are always bills, and the records are entered, provided that the regular repair shop has no way out.

Article 27 of the Regulations on the Administration of Maintenance of Motor Vehicles: Motor vehicle maintenance operators shall deliver the required settlement lists and bills to the consignee.

Article 34: Motor vehicle maintenance operators shall establish motor vehicle maintenance archives, implement electronic management of the archives, and require truthful reporting in accordance with regulations, timely upload of electronic maintenance data for motor vehicles, and so on.

Simply put it: you can get the credentials on hand, what you did, when you do it, and it's online here for you to board, even if you lose it, you can make it clear, and it doesn't exist Forge what is not forged.

The product used should have a certificate of compliance.

The other thing to prove is whether the product used meets the requirements and whether the operation of the repairman is correct.

For example: You need to use a machine filter for maintenance. Later, if there is a dispute, it means that your machine filter is broken. If you maintain it outside, you deserve it!

Provide the purchase channel and product qualification certificate of the machine filter, and let that repair factory leave us a backup, which can better explain that what I use is really no problem.

After maintenance, ask the repair shop for a certificate.

After normal maintenance, we also ask the repair shop for a "factory completion certificate." Few friends take this, and generally only take it. "Maintenance Settlement List" and invoice.

If there is a problem with the car, the rights protection will require the repair shop's "industrial license", "maintenance industry business license", "maintenance wage quality certificate", "maintenance ability level certificate", you see, one Big bunch.

We usually go outside to fix it. The picture is convenient. There is no such thing, right? It doesn't have to be paper. You can have your boss's photos ready and send you a few, right?

It seems tedious, but in fact it is an important point: when you choose a repair shop, pay more attention.

This thing you make is to ensure that the warranty is effective. It also depends on the reliability of this repair shop, right? These things indicate that it is also formal.

Will the car be out of service if it is not maintained in the 4s shop?2

You need to ask for this thing, it is also normal Appeal.

This is probably too much trouble, so I shirk away, maybe this repair shop is also panic!

Where to maintain is completely free.

In short, we consumers have the right to choose.

It does n't mean that parents let you wear red clothes today, you can only wear red clothes; eating chopsticks must be left-handed, and I will take the right-hand. No such thing.

As long as you can provide formal documents, where you want to maintain is completely your freedom, the warranty is also available.

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