Why overbearing buses rarely have an accident?

Bus is one of life's most common public transport, on the one hand to ease the traffic pressure on our part, but we all know that a phenomenon is that many bus drivers to drive more fierce, and even grab robbery case tract, but few incidents, we take a look at how the bus driver said.

First buses are fixed daily routes for emergency situations and road information on line has long been a psychological anticipation, coupled with a dedicated bus lane right, making it easy to access the bus.

Speed, bus driver opened some really fierce, but some relatively large flow of people line up not think fast too fast, keep in mind that if you really encounter case, the basic drivers also can calmly and avoid traffic accidents.

While in the accident because traffic restrictions, general buses rarely big accident, even a minor accident accident are also essential, but without prejudice to public traffic order such minor accidents were eventually trivialize soon it will be disposed of.

Finally road driving, because the public transport buses have certain privileges, but more passengers on board, and this is the reason we met the bus initiative comity.

These violations will not actually fine