Why older drivers rarely use seat covers?

Many owners buying a new car, or even on the car extremely cherish it as the apple for the fear out of any problem, so there are a lot of people to dress up the car, add decorations, to create as comfortable with the family. These decorative look very beautiful, but in fact there may cause harm to passengers.

Today, we are concerned that car seat cover.

Block set this thing basically did not see in the United States and Europe, if not the factory opened there a year definitely lose only underwear, but in Asian countries to open your look okay, a lot of domestic family cars can often see seat chair jacketed, in order to prevent damage to the seat surface, even when written people to buy their own and then come back to buy a modified version of the beggar seat, into the dermis and then also buy seat covers. . . For those who love the car can understand, but the car seat covers in fact a very large impact on traffic safety.

Of course, anything has two sides, seat covers also brings convenience to us, such as:

1, to protect a large area of ??the original seat leather wear

2, easy to clean, readily removable and washable

3, the seat cover can also play some effect of the cool air

4, beautiful, high-end projection

While the convenience of our look at the shortcomings, such as:

1, the side airbag deployment obstruct

Many models seat side airbags are located on both sides, but because the seat cover package may affect airbag deployment in the face of danger, resulting in not the first time to protect passengers, more serious is the balloon pop-up is seating parcel can not get out, then there might be an explosion, caused secondary damage.

2, increase the safety factor

Before mass production car, we go through a very comprehensive security testing, of course, also included safety seat, so the seat material, structure, comfort will be considered in the design. Then we put on the seat cushion is likely to lead to instability sitting, or when the brakes ass sliding forward on traffic safety is also a great risk, in short, car seat safety standards, but there is no safe seat cover standard.

3, quality

Many seat cover material available in the market do not pass, not only smell but also long-term contact with people may have a bad effect, if you must choose to purchase needed goods manufacturers.

Well integrated mentioned above, the advantages and disadvantages we all know one or two, I would say that the purpose of the car exists to serve the people, not people go for it, of course, we usually for vehicles daily maintenance or necessary, good care of him in order to better serve the people, but also a vehicle to wear seat as for normal wear and tear than the car seat cover damage caused by simply not worth mentioning, and even if you set the seat cover can not prevent the seat is worn, it is recommended that the majority of owners to think about before buying.

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