Why have you seen electric vehicles in Japan?

Electric cars are a very common transportation, both in the big city or in rural areas, can be seen everywhere. With the rapid development of the economy, the demand for automobiles is getting bigger and bigger. In order to alleviate the traffic pressure of the city, the electric car will become a poor choice, which is both environmentally friendly, but in Japan, there is very little electric car. Even, this is why?

In fact, Japan's automotive industry and motorcycle industry special developed can be said to be a motorcycle. Although the electric vehicle is relatively low carbon, its battery life is poor, often charging, one charge is very troublesome. And motorcycles can only be left in the gas station, but also from far doors, it is more convenient.

Japan's car brand Toyota, Honda has successfully entered the global market, and the motorcycle brand like Yama is also in the best in the motorcycle industry. It can be seen that Japan's automotive industry is very developed. In Japan, the price of motorcycles is very cheap, and all aspects of performance are much better than electric vehicles. Moreover, the Japanese don't think that the motorcycle is dangerous, and their technologies are very good.

Because Japan is relatively small, and all aspects of the transportation system are relatively perfect, covering comprehensive, convenient transportation. In Japan, the closest local people will choose the bicycle to take a while, and use the motorcycle to take a little bit, rarely use electric vehicles. In addition to China, there are some popular vehicles in Southeast Asia, such as India, Vietnam and other countries. The disadvantage of throwing an electric car does not say, it is still very convenient

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