Right usage of triangle warning

Before learning the car, I really thought that the triangular warning sign with the car is blocking, just like a warning sign on the side of the road, using iron sheets. It is necessary to use it until you learn the car, but in the trunk, it has been ignored by it. It "can't find", after being coached, "Doubling", you know that it is the triangle in the square box. warning sign. I don't know if I have children's shoes, I have been like this? But it doesn't matter. Today, this article will tell you that the triangle warning is so useful.

What is a triangular warning?

Car triangle warning sign is when you need emergency parking on the road, place it behind the vehicle to remind a car safety accessory of the rear vehicle, made of plastic reflective materials. There is a reflective triangle outside, there is a fluorescent triangle in the middle, and there is a base under the bottom.

The outer reflective triangle is to reflect a strong light to the driver of the latter vehicle after the night car light irradiation; the triangle inside is the role in the day, and the driver can find it more clearly during the day.

What is the use of triangular warning sign?

As the name, the triangular warning sign is a warning role. When the driver encounters a sudden failure shutdown or an accident, it can remind other vehicles to avoid the avoidance, so as not to occur. Second accident.

Especially on the highway, when the vehicle accident needs to emerge in the roadside parking, it must set up a triangular warning sign, remind the rear to the car, reduce the probability of the second accident. Here, the majority of car owners must lead to the ring, and must standardize the triangle warning sign when they emerge in the road, do not have any luck.

Where is the triangle warning sign?

For most vehicles, the triangular warning sign is the same as the jack, and it is equipped with the car when you buy a car. Generally placed in the trunk or trunk of the vehicle or the backboard. It is recommended that the majority of owners return to the original position after using it, avoiding the next time you need to find it.

For some outer boxes are the same triangular warning sign like the inner color of the trunk, be sure to place the fixed position that is well known, otherwise it is easy to be "ignored".

How is the triangle warning sign?

Similar to multi-function combined tools, the triangular warning sign is composed of a plurality of reflective plastic sheets to hold it after folding. When using, simply open the plastic sheet and spliced, you can form a triangle card, and then open the bracket, you can stand on the ground.

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