Spring Festival is very blocked

If you don't have to drive home, just the company dragged to the peak moment before you will be willing to pay, here, the most practical traffic jams of the old drivers should be able to let you be in the middle of the road, the year of the New Year. Festive!

First, do homework in advance

Our AutoTalkshow will be released by the Spring Festival in the Spring Festival. If your hometown is just a good day, it can really arrive, and if the plug is already a bureau, the food and water have what Prepared, there are also songs that like to listen, like playing cards, charging treasure, and fill the oil before high-speed, and it is also a point in the province to queurate into the service area!

Second, small concert

The road encounters traffic jams, but it is also a good moment, this is also a good moment, why not come to the verge? After all, in the sound insulation and survey of the car, the car is completely than sharing K room! You can sing, Have a peer can change the mobile phone song, and when you feel deeply, there is a personal Solo from time to time. Of course, it is not recommended that the driver is too deep, and the long-term singing will consume physical strength.

Third, communicate with the car to the field

If you don't want to sing alone, the played voice system is also a good way to send time. This is not limited to a simple vibrant tuning - how many people have not talked with their own car assistants, perhaps more features have not been developed, and more positions have not been unlocked. In short, traffic jam is a good time to get along with your car, put down the irritability and put it down, try more to know your car, to find more features that are beautiful.

Fourth, Selfie will never go out

In addition, for most people, self-portrait is a good pastime method, dozens of filters have been changed? Can different expressions can be taken? Don't talk to your voice, a group of people If you take a self-portrait, you have to take into account the beauty of everyone. If you keep back, you can't get it. Since this, you can dig the most beautiful angle, practice the most active drama, and publish the most waver of traffic jams.

5. There is an economic awareness of traffic jams.

Do you still remember how you spent the entire Spring Festival Gala? I will send a red envelope! At this time, you will send a 2 yuan red envelope in the group, and call the comrades to call, then the traffic jam is divided into minutes. To return to a billion income! If you finally lose money, then there is at least a large group of people to accompany you to interact, don't say that money does not come to feel the feelings, there is a red envelope, and the true feelings will never go offline.

Six, let the bureau

If it is blocked, it is difficult to eat the chicken landlord. In this first pushing the entity poker game, after all, the car dragon said, if you open the pesticide, you must have to sell teammates and reported risks to drive. On the way to play the hand, just put the hand in a pocket, say it will take easyness, and if you still have Wang in your hand, it is not too late to return to my hometown.

Seven, as long as there is a XX series in your heart

Of course, after the holiday baptism in the past years, the car owners opened by the brain have each other.

For example, as long as there is golf in your heart, it is a green field:

As long as there is a melody in your heart, it is better to dance:

Of course, as long as there is a fat cattle in your heart, you can play a pan ...

Eight, three urgent response measures

It is said that traffic jams are more in a hurry - it is right, when it is a traffic jam, people who have a strong kidney function will urgency. Male comrades can only solve the problem only (the bottle size varies from person to person), but the female comrades should be good? In fact, there is a good product in a one-time portable urine bag, and there is also a kind Folded car toilets, it is said that the size will be eaten, it feels that you can come to a preparation before long distance.

Nine, what should I do if I don't love?

If the traffic jam is tired, and make sure that the vehicle dragon is still can't move, you can set a 15-minute nap on the window. If you have one person, you can set alarm clock. Recommended is to put down the main driver's seat into sleep; you can also lying in the second row, or put the second row directly, it is also a good method; and the car shock bed on a treasure will play a good time. effect. However, it is not recommended to deduct the seat belt after driving.

Ten, Guangjia friends are the happiest thus

Chatting under the driver of the peers is a very good way. After all, it is the owner. Let's talk about all brands of the car. As long as the aunt does not affect the road traffic, you can have a wave of dance episodes; In the price of the car, the car is taken to see the object. At this time, the traffic jam naturally became a blind date.

Summary: It can be said that in the road traffic jam, the big god is really unhappy. However, these or funny, or warm, or real pastimes, nothing more than the old way to go home, add a Spring Festival atmosphere - no one is not easy, happy, happy, danger, danger Driving much more.

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