Why dare openly illegal motorcycle?

Afraid of what happens if you ask older drivers to drive? Nine out of ten drivers will tell you afraid of experiencing electric car, what can not be bumped hit pedestrians and electric vehicles, because the cost of these accidents is not a good measure. And the division of responsibilities compare suck.

Now congested roads every day, some people chose to escape the congestion eDonkey travel, but now the market of electric vehicles rampage, ignoring the regulations, retrograde, like how to ride on how to ride, and even now there are elderly scooter, the most serious is the little brother takeaway, order to save time delay is afraid acts recklessly, so the driver friends to see the electric car and scooter or away for good!

The next thing we want to say an estimated 99.9?f the owners are listening to angry, a little sister drove the Audi A4L (parameters | picture) to work, while waiting for lights, a 40-year-old male rider, driving electric cars retrograde almost rubs up against a red light at the intersection stop lamp and other Audi car, but what is surprising is supposed to be an apology rider, contrary to Audi scolded the driver, the driver is the good-natured with others do not want to change brake when the throttle count your life is good.

I would like to see this picture, who gives you the power retrograde, this red light is still arrogant curse?

Life, this kind of thing too much, the last encounter a red light intersection of almost knocked out. In the eyes of the vehicle or the rider should be courteous to them, after all, some electric vehicles defined non-motor vehicles, motor vehicles shall be in accordance with regulations allow non-motor vehicles, but I want to say, this is not your reckless behavior, and there is no justice grounds, after all, non-motor vehicle accident rate, injury rate higher than some vehicles, here is to advise eDonkey riders, obey the traffic rules, safe driving, do not give yourself and others more trouble.

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