White yellow car will be difficult to see? Tips teach you to change back

White car, both the appearance and preservation of the market point of view, or from the point of view of traffic safety at night, are so many owners often like gray ~ white but not dirt and easy to turn yellow, this allows many owners crazy!

Ultraviolet radiation, air pollution and acid rain components, will to some extent make yellow paint, leaving the "Aging", if often open-air car park, about two to three years will start yellowing white car, If the car is parked in the underground garage at more than that relatively much better, but can not avoid yellowing of fate, I'll give you some delay yellowing coup ~~

Daily cleaning

Car wash is the most basic maintenance of the paint, the paint surface will be dust, sand, insects, feces and other substances likely to damage the paintwork, car wash can effectively get rid of, so that the vehicle - two weeks to restore the clean state of a car wash is more reasonable of.

Physical sunscreen

Long-term stop to outdoor, sun exposure is not only easy, but also all kinds of dust substances will affect the paint! You can choose to put on the car "clothing" to avoid injury, this method on the life of the paint is of great help!

Regularly for car surface protection layer

Regular waxing can effectively prevent paint oxidation, can delay the aging time. Of course, waxing is not a panacea, penetration of ultraviolet radiation and corrosive chemicals are not completely avoided. In addition, there sealed glaze, coating, plating crystal these conservation measures to protect the paint, maintenance effect of these three ways of better than waxing, but costs more.

That has turned yellow, then how to do?

Polishing partially oxidized, wearing paint, to truck out "dead"!

The polishing can be suitably removed that had a layer is a paint yellowing air oxidation, but not frequent polishing the paint, the paint will become thinner because such decorative and protective paint loss of capacity, resulting in non- reversal of aging.

Up painting

Issue up painting also owners often face, but in view of the refinish process demanding, generally slight scratch the paint surface, we recommend no need touch-up painting, waxing can be obscured. A little more seriously, and make wool wheel polishing to remove scratches on it.

Other color will turn yellow

Other colors of paint also will turn yellow! But other paint colors, such as black, silver, because it is relatively deep color, the varnish layer even if it turn yellow, we are not easy to detect, oxidative yellowing phenomenon still exists.

In fact, the yellow paint is normal, everything is way we try to delay yellowing of time.

Parents must see! Children forgot in the car, what can you do if you encounter?