What should I do in case of an accident while driving in another place?

When driving outside, it's hard to avoid accidents. If you don't touch other people, they don't necessarily touch you. What they fear most in other places is the violations and accidents caused by people's unfamiliar places. But what should we do if it's an accident in another place? Please see the following 3 points!

1 No matter where you are, no matter whether you are responsible or not, take photos first

No matter where you are, in case of an accident, take photos of the scene of the accident with your camera or mobile phone. The vehicles of both sides are damaged, as well as the directions, signs, lines and lanes.

2 Call the customer service number of the accident, and make a nationwide payment

Now the mainstream insurance companies in the country have opened the national general insurance and claim service. For remote accidents, you only need to call the insurance company to quickly complete the insurance reporting, loss assessment and claim settlement under the guidance of the insurance company, and basically complete the claim settlement process within 2 days.

3 Report to the police in time for claim settlement certificate

After the accident, the owner should report the case to the traffic police department in time, wait for the traffic police on duty to come over and determine the responsibility. If you take quick handling, please report the case to the traffic police department within 48 hours, and the overtime insurance company has the right to refuse compensation.

All the above three points have been achieved. No matter in local or in other places, the claim settlement will be carried out smoothly. Finally, I hope that all the car owners can go out safely and safely!

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