What should I do if I encounter porcelain bumping during driving? Please keep these in mind!

Nowadays, bumping porcelain has become a cancer of the society. In order to achieve the purpose of touching porcelain, many lawbreakers are unscrupulous and despicable. Many car owners are wronged and suffer from dumb losses.

In fact, people who touch porcelain are successful many times, which has a lot to do with the fact that many victims won't deal with this kind of accident. So what should we do when we encounter porcelain? Today, I'm going to tell you what to do when I meet porcelain.

Judge whether it is porcelain bumping

Porcelain bumping can be divided into two categories: one is to touch porcelain with one's own body, which is the most distinguishable situation. It is believed that most car owners have seen relevant porcelain bumping videos on the Internet, which can be distinguished in this case; the other is to drive a car to touch porcelain, in which case the porcelain bumpers will find the target in advance, and if you find a car sneaking around you, it will be more small Heart, and those who insist on asking for privacy after the accident, refuse to call the police, are very suspected of touching porcelain. Especially for those who make a lot of noise and threaten, you can basically judge that they are touching porcelain.

What should I do if it's a real business?

Observe the situation and deal with it calmly

After an accident, if you judge that it may be porcelain bumping, first think about whether your vehicle purchases full insurance (at least compulsory insurance, vehicle damage insurance and third-party liability insurance). If so, even your liability, the insurance company will bear the vehicle damage and medical expenses, so don't panic, calm down and deal with it.

If there is no all risks insurance, don't panic. Take photos, video and save evidence on the premise of ensuring your own safety, so as to protect your rights and interests in the future. And when encountering that kind of threat, don't get out of the car, lock the door, and call the police as soon as possible, so as to prevent the porcelain bumpers from making excessive behavior. Finally, I would like to remind you that for those who are "injured" and lying on the ground, do not touch them, so as not to be relied on

Insist on alarm handling

Car owners should never be afraid of trouble. If you think the other party is touching porcelain, you must call the police. Many people who touch porcelain are also afraid of being exposed. If you insist on calling the police again and again, he will slip away. After the traffic police arrive at the scene, you can also tell them your doubts in private, so the traffic police will first check whether they are the porcelain bumpers who often commit crimes. If not, the traffic police will carefully investigate and judge whether they are suspected of porcelain bumping. In the end, if you are not satisfied with the result, you can also put forward verification to eliminate your doubts.

Insist on compensation after hospital inspection

If there are "injured", we must insist on going to the hospital for inspection, otherwise compensation is not allowed, so most of them can scare away the porcelain bumpers; if they do accidentally bump the porcelain bumpers, we should also insist on going to the hospital, and at the same time, we should inform the insurance company as soon as possible, so that the insurance company can make compensation, avoid or reduce their losses.

How to prevent porcelain collision?

observe traffic regulations

In many cases, porcelain bumping occurs when the car owner drives illegally. In this case, there is an accident. The car owner will feel guilty first and be more receptive to privacy. It is worth mentioning that the accident occurred when driving illegally, even if it is not porcelain bumping, the car owner should also be responsible. Here we suggest that you must abide by the traffic rules and not give porcelain bumpers a chance.

Check more before driving

It's a good habit to check the car's surroundings before driving, so that you can not only know the car's condition (whether the car body is scratched again, whether the tire is short of air, etc.), but also remove some obstacles in time; you can also avoid some waiting for compensation behaviors, such as some porcelain bumpers will put the box in the blind area of the field of vision, and they will ask you for the damage of their valuables after starting the collision Compensate.

It is best to install a dash cam

Dash cam is a commonly used device to ensure the safety of the car. It can record the surrounding conditions when driving. When encountering porcelain, this is the biggest evidence to prove its innocence. And those who touch porcelain are also "smart". Most of you will be far away if you see a dash cam on your car.

It's a very unpleasant thing to encounter porcelain bumping, but don't be impulsive. Otherwise, the development of the situation will only make you more angry. Proper and calm handling is the best way. Moreover, we must not compromise the porcelain bumpers, or suffer from this dumb loss because of idle troubles. As long as we are vigilant, abide by the traffic rules, and call the police in time, the tricks of the porcelain bumpers will not succeed.

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