What insurance needs to buy new cars?

Just bought the car, insurance for the new car is essential, then what insurance needs to buy? How to buy insurance?

What insurance needs to buy new cars?

In general, the common insurance is then several, some additional insurance can be independently selected according to the owner itself, and the common insurance is generally the following:

1, strong insurance

2, car damage insurance

3, the third party liability insurance

4, all car stealing

5, no ivered insurance

Other additional insurances such as scratchiness, water-related insurance, spontaneous combustion insurance, etc. can choose not to buy, but if you want to ensure full, you can buy a whole risk directly.

How to buy new car insurance

There are 4 ways to buy insurance:

First, buy it directly in the 4S shop when you buy a car.

Second, go to major insurance company business halls;

Third, buy at the official website of major insurance companies;

Fourth, call purchase;

Instead of intend to compensate

There is no responsibility (the parties are not responsible for accidents, there is no need to take any responsibility or liability) In the disasible situation, there is an insurance compensation from its own insurance, and the compensation is enforced by the insurance compensation, that is, in exchange Within the scope of compensation, as long as it is one of the accidents, the insurance company where the responsible party must have to pay a certain compensation for the property damage or the personal injury, and the risk is transferred to the insurance company. Improvement of insurance is enabled for insurance compensation for victims.

The basis for intensive danger

Article 8 of the "Operational Insurance Terms of Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Insurance] In the territory of the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan), the insured will have a traffic accident in the process of the insurance motor vehicle, causing the victim to suffer Personal casualties or property losses, shall be responsible for damages by the insured, and the insurer shall be responsible for compensation within the following compensation limits in accordance with the agreement of the insurance contract:

(1) The amount of death disability compensation is 110,000 yuan;

(2) The amount of medical expenses compensation is 10,000 yuan;

(3) The amount of compensation for property loss is 2,000 yuan;

(4) When the insured is not responsible, there is no responsibility for death disability compensation limit to 11,000 yuan; no responsibility medical expenses compensation limit is 1000 yuan; no responsibility property loss compensation limit is 100 yuan.

"Article 44 of the Treatment Measures for Road Traffic Accidents stipulates that" motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles, pedestrians have traffic accidents, causing the other person to die or seriously injured, the motor vehicle is not faulty, should share the 10?conomic loss of the other party. But According to 10?alculation, the amount of compensation exceeds the average living expenses in the event of a traffic accident, and pays according to the average living expenses of ten months. Except for the preceding non-motor vehicle, the pedestrian deliberately caused damage or enters the highway. "

According to the above provisions, although the intensity insurance has the responsibility of the personnel who have undertake some payment, not all cases are responsible for the responsibility, and the purpose of intensive insurance is to protect the victim. In the case of all claims, there is no responsibility There is no need to bear the responsibility of payment. Only if the victim does not pay compensation, the blame is responsible for the loss of insurance. Of course, the victim's own deliberate accidents naturally do not need to bear any liability.

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