Do you have a lapse of the car?

I don't know if you have such a habit. Every time I go out, I will turn around my car to turn the appearance of my car, check the right again, if not, the suggestion is still roughly checking again. Going out, otherwise, loss or yourself. So what about checking? Not anxious, listen to me.

Travel necessary

License plate

Let's talk about something that is easy to be ignored. If this thing is not in the car, or it is affected by the stakes, so troublesome may be much. That's true, that is, the license plate, due to the revised "Motor Vehicle Driving License Application and Regulations": Unliked or does not press the installation number plate, deliberately obscured or the seal number plate illegal behavior, 1 point, fine 200 Yuan (Shenzhen minimum penalty of 3,600 yuan). Among them, the A and B driver's license will thus drop the first level, the C1 and all types of driver's license will be temporarily buckled, and the seven-day learning and exam will take the test to take the driver's license.

So, isn't it very embarrassed by "whole"! ? Yes, my friends around me have happened similar "", a friend went to school to do things, but did not check the license plate when I left, just left school less than 200 meters, I was stopped by the traffic police, I found that the label was set. The number of athletes, when he is panicked, it is really a soldier, and it is reasonable to say. Fortunately, because I just left the school less than 1 minute, I later found the school transfer monitoring video. Because the school held the school game, the license plate was set on the number card by 2 naughty athletes, proved that the owner deliberately block the license plate. It is also the generality of the comrades of the traffic police, and finally warned and educated him. Note, not everyone is so lucky, nor the comrades of every traffic police will be so patiently listening to you, pay attention to checking is king, there is a stain to clean up and then go to the road, and it is also possible to take it off the shield. Unnecessary trouble, otherwise it will return to the furnace.


The tire mainly checks the wear, tire pressure, and is drums these aspects. When checking the tire, it will generally check if the tire has scratch and drums. If there is a large scratch and drum bag, you should check the replacement as soon as possible, avoid accidents; when the tire pressure is not enough, the fuel consumption will increase And the tire pressure is too high, which will speed up the wear of the tire and affect comfort. Some may endanger life safety. Of course, the spare tire is also very important, don't forget to check the spare tire. If the owner needs to drive the car to the north, the tire pressure should be moderate, and the car is generally 2.5 Paul's tire pressure.


The first thing after getting on the bus, check, don't rush to system a seat belt and start, you must look at the indication of the oil volume, if you need it, you must add fuel, don't wait until the fuel is about to be exhausted. . For example, where you need it may be quite familiar, and the fuel on the car is indeed successfully to the destination. But try, if you have a serious traffic jam in the day, then the thing that can be determined has changed a unknown. At that time, this is already in the "Car Dragon", you can't move. It is recommended that the oil volume is left to 1/5 or so, let's go, if you travel long distance, it is recommended to add fuel.

Necessary item

In addition to the above, the long distance needs to check some things, long-distance travel is guaranteed.


It seems just a very ordinary thing, but it is much more important than you think. We have encountered a new car who has encountered a borrowed car. In the process of the test drive, rain is scratch, but it is impossible to use. A glory of writing. It also affected our test drive progress. Wiper is not only to check if it can work normally, but also need to see the wiper strip can scrate with the water on the front windshield, unclear or have a big sound, generally caused by the aging of the rubber strip or improper installation. , Aging should be replaced as soon as possible, and the installation is improperly adjusted. It is worth mentioning that the owner of the hatchback model does not forget to check the rain scratch, it will not only affect the itinerary, but also affect travel safety.


So can you check if the light is switched normally? This is really checked, but not only this is so simple, in addition to the remote light of the car, the front and rear fog lights, brake lights, high brake lights are normal, and the height of the near light is also worth noting, sometimes it feels that the low light is open. After that, I can't see the reason for the road. A part of the reason is indeed because the tightening of the light is not adjusted, and it is generally needed to find a professional master to adjust the light, so that the long distance can more accurately see the road condition. At least when the low-light lamp is turned on normally, even the xenon lamp does not brighten the driver of the lane, suppose, because the highlights are too high, the brightness of the xenon lamp looks like a high beam, you are The driver of the lane, is bright, and it is not good to say that affecting the sight or the most fundamental problem, saying that it is still affecting driving safety. Check the adjustment once, basically guaranteed to normal use.

Oil liquid surface

Check if the engine oil is sufficient, pull the machine oil at the engine, first wipe the motor oil with clean rag, and then pull out after inserting the machine oil, observe the machine oil, if the machine oil is displayed between the upper limit and lower limit , Then, if the oil exceeds the upper limit point or less than the lower limit point, then the corresponding drop oil or replenishing oil needs to be noted that it must be checked in the case of a cold car.

It is also necessary to see whether the fixation of each pipeline and wire is sufficient and the glass cleaning liquid is sufficient. When the glass cleaning liquid is less, it must be added.

Cycle check

The cycle check is necessary, generally recommended to go to a regular automotive repair shop or 4S store for inspection, after all, there is no professional instrument operation. In addition to the above items, these also need to be checked.


Deep checking the phenomenon of no oil leaks in the chassis, found that there is a trace of oil, and should be checked and appropriately supplemented, and the chassis is fully supplemented. There is also a shock absorber. The falling arm has no aging, slack, these are regularly checked, if you encounter an uneven road, this is relatively small. If you can't pass by, you can't pass it. If you pass, you should pass it slowly.

Brake system

Brake skin, brake discs, etc. are also very necessary, the thickness of the brake skin is noteworthy, the brake skin is thin, the brake strength is extremely weak, no automatic effect, regular examination is very necessary, brake disc Also worth noting, pay attention to check if the brake disc is deformed or damaged. Share a driving experience, when driving long distance, due to a large number of brakes, the temperature of the brake disc will be relatively high, if you encounter a large water pavement, if you don't avoid it, otherwise, the brake disc is hot, and a lot of The water, the brakes are easy to deform, leading to the brakes; this is also one of the reasons why the car cannot stop.

Summary: I hope that everyone can pay more attention to their car, this is not to say how much trouble you can save, but to maximize your driving safety. Of course, I said no It must be the most comprehensive and most effective, just provide some suggestions to give you a reference, and ensure that driving safety as much as possible.

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