What are the new regulations of the driver's license?

Now people's living conditions are getting better and better, and the cars have gradually become a summary tool for households. The test driver's license is also an essential step. But before the driver's license, I suggest you come first to understand, what is the new regulation of the driving license?

First, what is the new regulation of the driving license?

Those who apply for a motor vehicle driver's license shall meet the following provisions:

(1) Age Condition

1. Apply for small cars, small motor vehicles, disabled people special small automatic block passengers, light motorcycles are allowed, at 18 years old, 70 years old;

2. Apply for low-speed trucks, three-wheeled automobiles, ordinary three-wheeled motorcycles, ordinary second rounds of motorcycles or wheeled self-driving machines, at 18 years old, 60 years old;

3, apply for urban bus, large truck, rail, no tram, driving, at 20 years old, 50 years old;

4. Apply for medium passenger cars to be allowed, at 21 years old, 50 years old;

5. Apply for the traction car to drive, at 24 years old, 50 years old;

6. Apply for large passenger cars to be allowed, at 26 years old, 50 years old.

(2) Physical conditions

1. Height: Apply for large passenger cars, tractors, urban bus, large trucks, tram-free tram, and height is 155 cm. Applying for a medium passenger car, the height is 150 cm or more;

2. Vision: Apply for large bus, tractor, urban bus, medium-sized passenger car, large truck, railway tram or trail, bare vision or corrective attention to the logarithmic vision table 5.0 or more. If you apply for other permit, both eye bare vision or corrective attention reach the logarithmic vision table 4.9 or more;

3, distraction: no red green blind;

4, hearing: Two-ear respectively from the tuning fork, 50 cm, can distinguish the sound source direction. If you have hearing barriers, wearing aids can reach the above conditions, you can apply for a small car, a small automatic automobile, a motor vehicle driver's license;

5, upper limbs: Hand thumb is sound, each hand must have three fingers, limb and finger movement function. However, the finger is missing or the right thumb deficiency, you can apply for small cars, small automatic vehicles, low-speed trucks, three-wheeled motorized motor vehicle driver's license;

6, lower extremity: double lower limbs and normal moving function, no length is not greater than 5 cm. However, the left lower limb is missing or lost motion function, and can apply for a small automatic vehicle driving license for small automatic vehicle. If the lower right lower extremity, the lower extremity is missing or loses the movement function but can be used to sit and stand, can apply for a mobile phone driving license for the special small automatic vehicle car for disabled people;

7, torso, neck: no exercise dysfunction.

Second, may not apply for a motor vehicle driver's license

With one of the following circumstances, you must not apply for a motor vehicle driver's license:

(1) Organic heart disease, epilepsy, ginlide, vertigo, disease, tremor paralysis, psychiatric, dementia, and neurological disease affecting limb activities, obstructive diseases;

(2) There is a suction, injection of drug behavior within three years, or lifting mandatory isolated drug rehabilitation measures for three years, or long-term use of dependent psychotropic addiction has not yet quit;

(3) Escape from the traffic accident, constitute a crime;

(4) After drinking, or drunk driving motor vehicles, a major traffic accident constitutes a crime;

(5) Drunk driving motor vehicles, or drinking the motor vehicle after drinking, it is revoked in accordance with the law for five years;

(6) Drunk driving operation machine, which is revoked in accordance with the law is not over ten years;

(7) Due to other circumstances, it is revoked in accordance with the law;

(8) The driving license is revoked in accordance with the law;

(9) Other situations stipulated by law and administrative regulations.

Without a motorized vehicle driving license, there is one of the first paragraph fifth to seventh behavior, and may not apply for a motor vehicle driver's license within the specified period.

For the first time, the motor vehicle driver's license can be applied for the city bus, large truck, small car, small automatic vehicle, low-speed truck, three-wheeled car, disabled special small automatic block passenger car, ordinary Three-wheeled motorcycle, ordinary two-wheeled motorcycle, light motorcycle, wheel self-service vehicle, tram, motor vehicle driver's license for tram.

In the temporary residence, it can apply for a motor vehicle driving license. You can apply for a small car, small automobile, low-speed load car, tricycle, disabled special small automatic block, ordinary three-wheeled motorcycle Car, ordinary two-wheeled motorcycle, motorcycle driver's license for light motorcycle.

In the new regulations of the driver's license, the first age must be more than 18 years of age, and the three-wheeled car, the three-wheeled motorcycle, the self-test drive, the required age must under 60 years old. There is also a driver's license including a medium-sized bus, requiring age over 21 years of age, or less than 50 years old. When the driver's license, the most critical problem is that the parties must not be red-green color blind. If there is this situation, they cannot apply for the driver's license.

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