How much is the rebound?

Motors that occupy the road on the road often bring trouble, and when the traffic volume of the main road is large, the violation of the vehicle will reduce the pass rate. Motor vehicles will make passers-by can't prevent it, and traffic accidents often happen. What is the punishment of the motor vehicle retrograde?

Problem answer:

The motor vehicle is parked in a clear and stop sign, and the owner will be punished 3 points, fined 150 yuan. If there is no stop sign section, the owner will be fined 100 yuan.

Related regulations:

1. The municipal people's government can implement total regulation of motor vehicles in a certain region based on the size of urban development, atmospheric environmental quality and road traffic conditions. Before the implementation of the total regulation, public comments should be widely solved in an appropriate manner. In addition to the implementation of official officials, in the Shangcheng District, Xiacheng District, Jianggan District, Gongshu District, Xihu District, Binjiang District Administrative region, and motorcycles will not be registered.

2. Motor vehicles should comply with national and provincial motor vehicle pollutant emission limits; and the traffic management department of public security organs does not issue the safety technical inspection of motor vehicle safety technology. The traffic management department of the public security organs can take the traffic management measures for motor vehicles to limit the time driving according to the road traffic conditions and the prevention of motor vehicle exhaust pollution. The specific method is made by the public security organ traffic management department to formulate the authority of the environmental protection department, and the report of the people's government is approved.

3, highway passenger vehicles, hazardous chemicals transport vehicles and vehicles specifically for engineering construction should be installed, using travel recorders that meet national standards, vehicle satellite positioning terminals and steering visual systems that meet specified. Motor vehicle drivers, everyone or managers should keep the equipment's normal operation.

3. After handling the motor vehicle transfer registration or logout, the original motor vehicle owner can apply for a motor vehicle registration, and can apply for the original motor vehicle number.

Applying for use of the original motor vehicle number number should meet the following conditions:

(1) Applying for application within six months after the transfer registration or cancellation is registered;

(2) Motor vehicle owners have the original motor vehicle more than three years;

(3) The road traffic safety violations involving the original motor vehicle and the traffic accident have been processed;

(4) Other conditions that meet the registration of motor vehicles in this city.

4, units and individuals using non-books registered motor vehicles engaged in road operation, and should record the traffic management department of the county-level public security organs within five days from the date of use. Road transport enterprises should regularly file a motorized motor vehicle driver to record the traffic management department of the county-level public security organs, and urges drivers to handle road traffic safety violations, traffic accidents, and participate in the motor vehicle driver's license.

Special Note:

The relevant regulations of the provinces on traffic safety shall be in accordance with the national provisions of the state, please refer to the provincial provisions.

In addition to the traffic accidents in the motor vehicle, if the motor vehicle occupies non-motorized lanes or sidewalks, electric vehicles and pedestrians will increase the incidence of accidents in avoiding violations.

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