Tragedies often appear at high-speed intersections. Let's take a look at these moments

With the increase of cars, not only urban road traffic accidents are frequent, but also traffic accidents caused by high-speed roads are rising. In addition to the impact caused by weather, most of them are caused by human beings, and the accident mortality rate on high-speed roads is the highest.

When entering the high-speed toll gate, many warning signs come one after another, especially for the entrance and exit, and 1-2km in advance It starts to remind frequently when it's time. Even so, some car owners will miss the exit for various reasons, but most drivers will choose to continue driving and drive back at the next exit. Only a few car owners are very headstrong. In order to save time and fuel money, they choose to reverse and reverse to cause traffic accidents.

After watching so many tragic pictures, how can we avoid missing the high-speed exit?

1. Plan routes in advance, especially important turning points such as high-speed exits, have clear plans for driving routes, in addition to vehicle navigation voice prompts, so as to avoid missing intersections

2. On the premise of ensuring driving safety, pay attention to the roadside warning board. When approaching the exit, drive in the right lane and slow down!

3. If you are not familiar with the road conditions, try not to go on the road alone with someone who is familiar with the road conditions.

If you still miss the high-speed exit, don't slam the brakes, let alone reverse or reverse, continue to drive forward and leave the high-speed at the next intersection.

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