Three easy steps for rearview mirror adjustment

The importance of rearview mirror for safe driving is self-evident. Many novice drivers are at a loss when facing the rearview mirror on the road. Let me talk about how to adjust the rearview mirror correctly.

Outside left mirror adjustment

First of all, adjust the rearview mirror horizontally. The middle position in the rearview mirror is aligned with the horizon, or simply half the positions of the sky and the earth in the mirror. As for the car body, it is recommended that you follow the 1:4 ratio between the car body and the roadside. This can not only maximize the visibility of the road conditions, but also take into account their own body.

Adjustment of right outside rearview mirror

There is a difference between the right-hand mirror adjustment and the left-hand mirror adjustment. The proportion of heaven and earth should be adjusted according to the ratio of 1:4, so that the ground can be tied in more positions, so as to observe the road conditions. The left and right sides still account for a quarter of the body, the same as the left-hand rear-view mirror.

Interior center mirror adjustment

To adjust the center mirror, first of all, maintain a good sitting posture. Then, look up at the central rear-view mirror. If you can see everything outside the rear window in the rear-view mirror, the central rear-view mirror can fully play its role.

Finally, I would like to remind you that when driving, our field of vision can see about 200 and 160 can't be seen. What should we do? You can add a small circular mirror to reduce the blind area of the field of vision. However, even if you add a small circular mirror, you can only solve the blind area of 60 field of vision. There is still 100 left. There is no way. Drive carefully. If you reverse at a low speed, it's better to look back.

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