The most depth of oil additive decryption

Friends who have cars know that when they do maintenance, there will often be a service consultant to recommend various engine conservation and oil additives. Some friends hugged a trial of the mentality to use my car, some, I think this is a pure liar, saying that it is a very clear understanding of the oil additive. AutoTalkshow This time you just solve your desired, the most depth of oil additive is decrypted. It is a scorpion is a horse, let's take a look.

What is the oil additive? The earliest oil additive is actually used on engine engines such as Rally, helps better lubrication and protect the engine. However, with more and more civil vehicles, oil additives have gradually entered the field of vowels. We know that there are many different oil additives, brands and prices in the market. However, almost all advertisements have multiple effects: anti-wear, noise reduction, repair burning oil, repair cylinder pressure, fuel oil, cold start protection, etc.

After watching these effects, let's detail the ingredients of the oil additive. As can be seen in the figure above, the oil additive is actually a chemical agent, which may have anti-wear, cleaning engine, anti-rust rust, etc. by adding different chemical components. But in any case, please remember that the additives such as the role of glow oil, restore the cylinder pressure, etc. are inexperous. In fact, think about it, it will be understood that the burning oil and roll-by-crop pressure are valve, the mating gap of the cylinder, etc., to repair only mechanical adjustment, a bottle additive is certainly unpatisled.

When it comes to additives, you must talk about oil, many people don't understand the oil. In fact, the oil we usually maintained is composed of two parts: base oil and additives, where the base oil accounts for about 95?and the additive accounts for about 5?which is 5?f the additives in this, is actually the chemical preparations described above. That is to say, the oil added to the oil used, has been added to the proportion, and the tight test verification is verified by high temperature high pressure. For example, like Shell, Mobil, Castrol and other large-brand oil manufacturers will use the additives of large additive manufacturers such as Run Yinglian, Luo Run. So we only need to maintain a new opportunity to make a suitable label on time, and we have fully met the needs of maintenance engines, and don't need to spend money on a separate oil additive. Some friends will ask, do I add more additives not better? There is a saying that there is a polar, but more additives may not only be ineffective, but may also cause other issues of the engine due to the fusion of the validation.

Other friends will ask, I use mineral oil or semi-synthetic oil when I do maintenance, but I want to provide better protection for the engine. Is it possible to add oil additives on this basis? What is the effect of synthetic oil? To explain this problem, let's take a look at how the oil is classified. In fact, the difference between ordinary mineral oil and synthetic oil is only the base oil. The base oil is all ordinary oil, the base oil is all chemical synthesis is the full synthetic motor oil, then the base oil is a mineral oil and chemical synthetic oil-blended semi-synthetic oil. That is, the ordinary mineral oil to join the oil additive does not become a full synthetic motor oil, even semi-synthetic engine oils. It is obviously impossible to achieve the use of oil additives to achieve synthetic oil.

I searched oil additives on a treasure, and the results of the out of the show, it is dazzling, it should be negligible. The additives of various brands of various prices are not equal to hundreds of pieces of hundreds of pieces, and they have multiple effects such as anti-wear, repair burning oil, energy saving and noise reduction. Don't say the difference in this price first, let's take a look at these functions are really like propaganda. I immediately went into a Taobao home page, which is still a good additive brand, and the product introduction is the video shown on the right side of the above picture. So what is the machine in this video? What is it going to express? Let me give you a detail.

The full name of this thing is called lubricant anti-wear testing machine, and interested friends can go online alone. I will tell you about it here: this antiwear plus the load of the weight simulated engine at the left lever, placing the force bearing with the anti-grinding machine rotor in the right lever, below The oil and oil additives for the test were added to the oil tank, and finally show the effect of the oil additive by the different wear conditions of the force bearing.

Many additive manufacturers use this anti-grinding machine when promoting their products in 4S shop. The results of the trial are generally the effects in the above figure: only the oil is used without using the bearing of the brand oil additive to grind the various pits, and the surface of the bearing surface using the additive is very smooth, and the wear traces are not visible. .

I don't add additives alone!

Eat me this Amway, hurry to buy a bottle of oil additive pressure.

So, do this effect on the anti-grinding machine also apply in the engine? The answer is of course negative. The operating conditions in the engine are a high temperature, high pressure, high-speed almost sealing working condition, and the decay mechanism of lubricants in the engine is very complicated. And the motion mode in the engine is relatively, rotated, and the application is also vary. It is clear that the anti-wear effect of the additive in the engine is used to demonstrate only the anti-wear effect of the additive in the engine. In fact, the internationally commonly used lubricant quality standard system is composed of physicochemical indicators, simulation experiments, settleranship tests and driving tests. As the additives used in the engine, only the standards of these standards are only subject to the anti-grinding machine To verify the effect, just like the rivers and lakes.

I found online search for anti-grinding machine and oil additive related academic papers and journals in China. The paper directly pointed out that the quality of the anti-grinding machine was not scientifically. In several paper journals in studying the efficacy of oil additives, the test devices use standard engine gantry test systems, which means that this anti-grinding machine in the academic community is not recognized and used.

Give everyone a more popular: The above is the trip, commonly used to measure the gap of various precision machine parts, and of course, it will also be used to measure the cooperation gap of each part of the engine, and its unit is generally called silk, 1 wire = 0.01 Mm. If the mating clearance of each part of the engine has a number of wires, then the engine will make the noise becomes large, and the oil is burned into the tap. What does this explain? Note If your engine is important part, if you have grinding the sharp pit bearing of the anti-grinding machine, then your engine is not far from the overhaul. Therefore, don't be scared by the anti-grinding machine test, and don't be shocked by the so-called additive.

Not good! Long Shu

These miscellaneous additive manufacturers promote the additives and Taobao sold to 4S stores, sales prices may range from tens to one or two hundred yuan, in view of the cost-effective oil additives, such as the oil additives used in the car, organic Experable ingredients such as molybdenum, basically some of the basic additive components or even a fake and shoddy product, and we also mention that the basic additive oil is itself, so it is better to change the oil.

In fact, it is currently in the segment of the market, in addition to the increase in the price of explosive models, the profit of the 4S selling vehicles is very low, so 4S will find ways to make money in financial loans and after-sales. So, "There is no such thing as the" non-harmless and high-profit "of the oil additive", it will definitely promote the use of manufacturers, and they like to use the manufacturer's special or XX model-specific ". Or Should you use the engine cleaning additive to make the engine cleaning additive. After cleaning, the black oil will be used as a cleaning additive. In fact, the black oil is the dirty thing in the engine, which is separated and dissolved in the engine oil. Within the oil, the oil is discharged with the oil. This means that the oil added by itself has the function of cleaning the engine. Of course, if you want to completely clean the engine, you have to take a break.

Said so much, actually I want to tell you that additives bought on the market are almost invalid. So what should we do if we have to maintain an engine? In fact, it is only necessary to do it according to the normal maintenance cycle prescribed by the manufacturer. In the case of the existing three-package method, in order to ensure the three packs of the engine, we basically choose to maintain maintenance with 4S stores during the warranty period, but additives are not the maintenance required by the manufacturer. The additive was added to 4s. After the car is laid, we can choose the synthetic oil to buy a slightly smaller (too much fake oil), and the maintenance cycle can be appropriately extended to 10,000 kilometers or even longer.

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