How can I buy a safe car?

Many people buy a car first requirement is safe, how can I be safe? Why is there so many security equipment? What is these safe equipment? But I don't know. This time AutoTalkshow comes to security.

Just like some people hit the French Arc de Triomphe, the car safety technology is also constantly evolving after paying countless life costs.

Car safety consists of two parts, a part is a pre-knowledge and avoidance of danger, and prevent accidents from active safety; another part is the passive safety of the driving passengers when the accident occurs.

First come to see the development of passive safety technology of the car.

First, safety body

How come? In 1939, Barnei set off a revolution in the field of automobile technology. He first designed an abnormal ride ride cabin in the middle of the body, and the front and back are elastically connected to the plastic deformation collision buffer, respectively, and they can absorb the power energy generated by the collision when an accident occurs. This has become a general design of modern cars.

How to work? After the collision, the safety body itself can absorb energy through urethard deformation, alleviate the impact of the occupant in the vehicle.

What is the use of modern cars only with the development of material technology, the strength of the car body is increasing, and the design of the buffer is getting more and more improved. There is a fundamental protective role in the occupants in the protection vehicle. A security concept is benefiting for a hundred years, which is the contribution of Barne.

Second, the seat belt

How come? A Sweden called Niels invented the three-point seat belt that is used in the present. In the 1940s, General Motors took the lead in configuring seat belts on Buick Automobiles.

How to work? The principle is simple, by fixing the occupant on the body seat, mitigate the collision damage.

What is the use of "28000 Swims Report" published in the United States, 3-point seat belts can not only save, but also reduce the opportunity to avoid passengers.

Third, airbag

The advent of the seat belt saved the lives of countless people, but only the car with a seat belt brought another problem. Due to the restraint of the seat belt, the body is fixed in the seat, and the head is not fixed after the collision can only be migrated with inertia, so the results after the car accident increase the number of spinal injury while reducing mortality. At this time, the airbag came into being.

How come? In August 1953, Americans John Haset proposed "Automotive Air Bag Protective Device" and obtained "Automobile Safety Device" patent in the United States. Commercial to realize airbags is still the ancestors of car safety, Daimler Mercedes, and the time is early in the early 1980s.

How to work? The airbag is equipped with the equipment of the seat belt, and it is necessary to play a maximum role in the case of safety belt. A airbag protects the occupant when you cars. (When will I pop-up, there is no standard)

What is the use of the airbag to effectively protect the head movement caused by a fierce collision, so that the spine is not hurt.

Fourth, safety headrest

The airbag is very good to solve the problem of the spine to move forward when the car occurs, but what should I do if I will take the safety to the afterwards? How to protect the spine? Head pillow is cyanile.

When a rear-end accident occurs, the front vehicle passengers are the most vulnerable part of the injury is the neck and head. Safety headrest is a linkage mechanism of the body extrusion seat of the passenger's body extrusion seat in the vehicle, and the headrest is simultaneously moving forward. Maximize the fierce head of the head. Lead, thereby protecting the passenger's head and neck safety.

Passive safety is only possible to minimize losses after the accident, can it have a way to prevent accidents? So there is a large-scale popularization of active safety technology.

First, car anti-lock system (ABS)

What is the use? ABS is mainly working in automobile emergency brakes, prevents the wheel wheel locks, so that the stability of the car driving is greatly strengthened (there will be no need for emergency braking, steering failure and other phenomena).

How to work? ABS is to constantly check the speed of each wheel by a rotational speed sensor installed on each wheel or drive shaft, timely command execution agency to adjust brake pressure, so that the wheel is always maintained in a slightly slipped rolling state. Never hold it.

Second, electronic power distribution system (EBD)

What is used? EBD can automatically adjust the braking force distribution ratio before the shaft is generated due to automobile braking. For example, sometimes left front and right rear wheels are attached to the dry cement floor, while the right front and left rear wheels are attached to the water or muddy water, which will cause four wheels and the ground when braking in the car. Different friction, it is easy to cause slip, tilt and vehicle side incident when braking.

How to work? EBD uses a high-speed computer to induce different terrestrials attached to the automotive brakes, calculates different friction values, making different friction values, making four tires different cases depending on the case The way and strength brakes, and constantly adjust in motion, ensuring smooth and safe of vehicles.

Today, the active safety of ABS + EBD has been basically popular, and only a very small number of independent brands are not installed because of the problem of prices.

Third, electronic body stability system (ESP)

What is the use? ESP technology is another revolutionary technology in automotive safety technology. The electronic stabilizer ESP integrates the function of ABS and TCS (traction control system) and increases anti-surface functions. In the critical condition of emergency, such as fast steering, reverse steering, emergency, emergency avoidance, etc., ESP can help the driver maintain the control of the vehicle.

How to work? ESP is standing. If the direction of the vehicle movement is discovered - the turn is insufficient or turned excessive - ESP can monitor the critical situation and respond immediately. ESP uses the vehicle brake system to control the vehicle back to the correct track. Accurate braking force acts directly on a single wheel, such as inner rear wheels in reverse steering, or exterior front wheels during excessive steering.

ESP technology is the first time to use Mercedes-Benz sedan. Later, technology is slowly popular, and now it has basically become the standard device of medium and high-end sedan. Of course, the models below the intermediate level have not yet popular ESPs but already are not only close to the target.

Fourth, blind spot information system

How come? In 2001, the blind spot information system appeared on the Volvo concept car.

What is the use? In the driving process, there will be a blind spot in the future, which will increase the probability of accidents, calendering or overtaking, and the risk is more serious. The blind zone display system enables almost no blind regions in the rear view.

How to work? The blind spot information system uses the backward digital camera installed on the door rearview of the door and continuously monitors on both sides and behind the body. After the car enters the blind spot, the system will automatically start, the warning light built into the front door will prompt the first time, and the door rearview mirror helps you determine if it can change the lane.

The above security equipment has achieved most of the equipment in ordinary home, and the following is more rare.

V. Collision warning system

A new generation of collision warnings systems use remote radar to help drivers monitor records around the body and the front area, and early discover the potential danger of accidents and prevent accidents. In the case where the driver does not respond in time, this system can reduce the damage of the car accident to the lowest degree by decelerating and shortening the parking distance.

At present, major mainstream brands have been developed in this system, but the proportion of models equipped is not high.

Sixth, automatic brake system

This is an upgraded version of the collision warning system. Once the driver responds to the danger, the brake function will be automatically activated and gradually increase the brake strength, and the speed is lowered. Many manufacturers can have achieved ?-stop stop within 50km/h.

Seven, automatic driving

Nissan announced that the official production of automatic driving technology in 2020, that is to say that the automatic drove can be seen in less than 5 years. And Google's automatic driving has accumulated a lot of driving mileage, BMW Audi is also actively developing.

In theory, automatic driving seems to eliminate all complete hidden dangers, but it is actually the case, and wait until we have used it.

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