The car tail is too much, what do they mean?

Nowadays, the models on the market are endless. The manufacturers are also named new car in the brain, anyway, all kinds of tricks, take joint venture brands: Any, what Teng, etc., all kinds of tricks, now developed The tail is an article, launched a "more scientific" naming method, as if the tail of each car is a question, which is a real consumer to say to the manufacturer: "You are happy, but it will be mad. Ah ... "Well, come today, I will popularize the" mystery "about the tail.

What does the car tail do?

The car tail is not like the head, the tail is not much, and the tail is more unreasonable. In more than ten years ago, there is not much attention, and the tail of the model on the market is probably including these information points: brand, displacement, Engine technology, the purpose is to let you see clearly, and you see every car of each car is true, intuitive expression of performance indicators per car, labeled 1.8 is 1.8L displacement engine, Mercedes-Benz S600 is equipped with 6.0lv12 The engine of the engine, while the gearbox or configuration is labeled in early days.

However, after the Audi brand began to play the start-tales game, all of this "real" is broken, and then starting more and more vendors to start with the wind, now you can see some of the models of the tail, can guess you You have to use a formula. . .

What is the characteristics of the tail of these brands?

1 The more numbers, the better

Volkswagen is not the first to play tail, but the editor see the brand of these tail labels, the public is the best. Previously, the public was indicated to the displacement, which later used TSI marking to reflect models, not marked out of the rear, as for the specific model of the engine, then seeing these three letters "( For example, the following figure)

At the 2014 Guangzhou Auto Show, the public began to play new tail games - the tetrans defined by the torque of the vehicle engine, including the Skoda brand), after which the Volkswagen turbocharged model (GTI Except for models) can be seen in the model, this is also playing new patterns, the more consumers, more consumers, more.

Volkswagen Tail Name Rule Engine Torque (NM) Tail Numeria 132-225180TSI 200-250230TSI 250-300280TSI300-350330TSI 350380TSi440

480 V6

I want that year, 280 can be E-class, 380 but the vibrator ...

Don't say it, give it to a 777 ...

Outside the public is Honda, this tailpoint game has no Honda's part, but from the beginning of the new Civic, the new Civic of 1.5T does not use the displacement indication, but use torque + Turbo word indication (220Turbo ), The next 1.0T is 180 Turbo words. The torque is very much to pay attention, and it is also an alternative to the torque to identify, maybe some Japanese models will learn this. And the US Fox has changed on the 1.5T and 1.0T models. The tail is marked with a horsepower. The maximum power of 1.0T engine is 92KW (125PS), named ecoboost 125; and 1.5T engine maximum power is 133KW (181PS ), Named ecoboost 180.

2 is to confuse you

The above says that the digital indication does make B grid a lot, but it is true that the BBA of the Tail Raid is really master, the genericity of the United States is also playing over the tail game. There is a feature of the tail of these brands: numbers are not big but make you look very cool, and you can confuse people. Here, take Audi and Buick to do an example, everyone is ready!

Buick's models also use new naming ways, so that you look very tangled, 18t is not careful to see it as 1.8T; 28t is not careful, it is 2.8T, it is really confusing. In fact, this naming method is mysterious, and the combination of two numbers + single letter is actually the engine level.

However, there are also special cases, Wriang and LaCrossed 20T models represent 1.5T power configuration! And Willan's 15S model is also 1.5L natural intake engine, and the new Yinglang 15N is different? In fact, the two 1.5L technology is different, and Wrilan 15s increases the direct injection technology in the cylinder, and the new Yinglang 15N adopts multi-point electromotion technology. The new monarch 30H is not equipped with a 3.0L engine, but a 1.8L + dual motor, H is a mixed Hybird.

Ok, see if you have been so easy to have a happiness, there is still a hurry, then let's take a look at the higher level of Audi tail, guaranteed to let you, Audi began using a new tail in 2012. The displacement tail, such as 30TFSI, 35TFSI, 40TFSI, etc., such numbers actually have a formula to calculate, you can see the figure below.

In addition, the 1.8T and 2.5L tails on the A6L have only engine technology, and there is no number indication, I think the numbers are not beautiful enough, and the sure is directly not marked.

3 reflects superiority

Ok, after reading it, you will definitely turn, I think it is simple. BYD has started the Tang Dynasty, and the number of 0-100km/h accelerated in all models, which makes the horsepower, the torque indicated by the model, and it is also an intuitive reflection of the advantages of the model. . Perhaps soon, we can see that more models use a similar name.

Summary: It is indeed a lot of models now, you can't tell it immediately, all "real" is lost. In order to meet the taste changes of domestic consumers, the manufacturers must know that the displacement is no longer representative, the more the more named the number of namings, and it is also satisfied with the "vanity" of the owners. It is also easier to confuse and make up.

No need to consider when buying a car