No need to consider when buying a car

When you buy a car, there will be an illegal choice. It is to think that buying a car is high, configured, the car is good, but as a car editor, I decided to use my own personal experience. Let's tell you a clear concept, some configuration, it doesn't mean it.

Some configurations are the products of the manufacturer's unfilling the era, and their real use is not high, but in order to improve product competitiveness and improve price range. So some cars do not think about high-cost models at all, white flowers. So these configurations mentioned below, if they spend money, let you choose, please consider.

1: ACC adaptive cruise

ACC adaptive cruise is the most important configuration of many models for many models. So many owners have heard that there is an ACC, but in fact, buying back. As some old drivers, the car is only worried, so I never use ACC.

Also, each brand of ACC adaptive cruise conditions are different, and some of the previous cameras have restrictions. For example, Geely's ACC can only identify metal, and if you encounter high-speed emergency accidents, ACC will not completely brake, even When the current vehicle suddenly lost, some would even be directly with the front car and very dangerous. The ACC is not only used, but it will also take a lot of heart, so it is the most worries yourself.

Two: AutoHold

AutoHold is an independent parking system. When parking, the vehicle can automatically lock the brake of the vehicle, and then can liberate the feet to step on the brake, theoretically, it can reduce the degree of labor in the throttle when the red light is reduced. In fact, the frequency of use is very low.

There is also the autohold start-up mode of each car. In the hundred cars I tested, some cars are started in the moment, and some will wait for two seconds, and some will step on a foot. It is only launched, so the same configuration is different, and you will use it, you will also be afraid of autohold suddenly shut down and then sway, or frequent parking in traffic jam, resulting in increased operational difficulty, practicality, and good use.

Three: Keyless access to the system

This configuration is actually a relatively convenient, it seems to look more higher, you can easily lock your car and you don't have to take a key to unlock the door, but this configuration has known, I can't go to my heart.

But when you touch the lock, the psychology will be curious to the bottom lock, because some of the car LED lights are not closed after the lock, the past testive one is unlocked again, repeat multiple times, only It is necessary to keep your own peace of mind, so this configuration is definitely what you believe, or it is not worth going to choose.

Four: Automatic parking

At present, many consumers believe that in the case of a non-hesitated technology, they will not hesitate to choose an automatic parking function, thinking that there is no worries in the future, in fact, not.

At present, the technology of automatic parking has not reached very complete. In the model we tested, there will be a limited number of models to the parking space, and even if the parking space is detected, if the parking space does not reach the automatic parking program preset Standard, the car is also stopped, so you can stop yourself, the complex parking space is not easy, the option is not big.

Five: Automatic Driving System

Although my country does not support automatic driving, the car on time is equipped with this feature, such as Tesla's unmanned driving, all know that Volvo is also equipped with 15 seconds "unmanned" technology, but about automatic Do you have fewer driving accidents?

For now, the unmanned driver that has been mass-produced can have reached the L3 level (maximum L5, fully automatic driving), that is, when the non-all road conditions are used, it is critical to manual intervention, and due to the law, it must be artificial intervention. So I want Volvo's 15 second unmanned configuration, you think there is no difference, and the special situation is unable to judge, can you trust it?

to sum up:

Now that the names are the same, although the names are the same, the convenience of use is different, and some car configurations are also in the exploration stage. They don't want to hinder the development of scientific and technological, but the use is not safe at this stage, so those You can control the configuration of the vehicle as little as possible, and manual driving is most reliable, don't let these configurations.

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