The annual examination of motor vehicles is basically stuck in these problems!

Now when the age of the car is more than 6 years, it needs on-line annual review. Many people also worry that their car inspection is not qualified. Once it fails, it will be very troublesome. They need to come to the repair shop for maintenance and then come back for inspection. The older the car is, the more problems it may encounter, but it does not rule out the possibility of errors in the inspection equipment. Let's see which inspection items are prone to problems?

1. Exhaust gas detection

Exhaust gas detection is the first project. This project will block many old cars, especially old cars, which have a lot of carbon deposits. The gap between the friction parts of the motivation is large, and the three-way catalytic efficiency is low, etc., which will cause unqualified exhaust gas. If the maintenance needs to clean the carbon deposits, throttle valve, fuel nozzle, air inlet and cylinder first, and then pull down the high speed, the passing ability of detection will be greatly increased, If it's not enough, it's more expensive to replace the three-way catalyst. The three-way catalyst is used to purify the harmful gas in the tail gas. If it fails, it will affect the catalytic effect and cause the tail gas to fail to meet the standard.

2. Unqualified brake force

The maximum braking force, braking force of each wheel, etc. even if the professional staff doesn't tell us after receiving the inspection sheet, we can't understand. So once the braking force is unqualified, it's difficult to repair. If the braking force is unqualified, go to the maintenance shop to adjust the brake. If the braking force is not good, it's easier. There are special bolts for adjusting the tightness of the handbrake Bolt.

3. Headlight light

Generally, the lamp will not be replaced, and will rarely be damaged. However, with the aging of the bulb and lampshade, the light brightness will decrease, resulting in disqualification. Generally, a new bulb can solve the problem. As long as it is the original factory, the ultra bright bulb or LED bulb replaced by itself will not affect the annual review, and the brightness is within a reasonable range, too dark or too bright is not allowed.

4. Appearance

Generally, the problems in this link are all due to self modification. Some exterior parts, such as the rear wing threshold pedal, the front bumper, etc., can't pass. It's necessary to remove the modified parts in advance and replace them with the original factory parts.

The easiest way is to go to the 4S shop or the repair shop for a full car inspection before the annual inspection, because they understand the requirements of the inspection factory better than we do. After the inspection, there will be basically no unqualified phenomenon due to these problems, and no need to take the time to repair.

Season change, people need to pay attention to the car also need to pay attention to the body!