Tachograph Features

Tachograph more and more attention of owners, many owners in the purchase of tachograph when we do not know how to choose. But some owners feel there is no need to buy special driving recorder, using a mobile phone or a home DV can be modified. Since the tachograph is used in the car, the car belonging to security products, and general electronic products is still very different. So, the most important performance tachograph, what does?

1, night vision tachograph development so far, at least as long as the end product, video effects are not bad during the day. The night vision is assessed by various brands of the key. 2014, night vision tachograph has not been good, until 2014, some high-end brands launched a tachograph with HDR high dynamic capabilities, greatly enhance night vision tachograph.

2, automatic cycle does not leak tachograph second video file is stored according to the set time per minute period to save 2,5,10. Automatic cycle means that, when the memory card becomes full, the device will start automatically delete files from the first video, automatic cycle recording. Mobile phones and consumer DV without this feature, it is easy after the card is full unable to continue recording, if there is no time to manually remove, it is possible to record important video leak. The lower end of the driving recorder, since video processing chip is running slow, prone to drop frame, the second drain situation. Only the use of tachograph high-end solutions in order to put an end to this situation.

3, high temperature resistance are electronic tachograph products for outdoor use, a high degree of tolerance to low temperature must be stronger than the ordinary electronic products, because in the northern winter night temperatures often a few degrees below minus 10, and in the summer, the temperature of the car also often as high as 50 degrees, 60 degrees. High and low temperature test, is a regular factory production indispensable link. While most high-end general tachograph, generally metal casing. A thermally conductive lower metal superior performance, high temperature can be prevented, the drum drive recorder battery pack, system crash situation.

4, emergency video recording function emergency function is divided into manual and automatic. It refers to a manual key lock video function, when there is an emergency, the video owner can press the lock button, a key to lock the video section, that this video cycle will not be automatically covered. Automatic emergency recording function refers to the gravity sensing, when a vehicle collision or a large jolt magnitude, the system will automatically lock the video segment. Automatic emergency video has a major drawback is that the car is timed to manually delete some system automatically locks the video. So buy, the best choice of manual and automatic functions are available in the product.

5, when the motion detection opening movement detection function, if there is an object in front of the lens at the time of movement, i.e. in front of the light changes, the drive recorder starts recording; this side no moving object, the light is unchanged, driving record instrument to stop recording. This function is mainly used for parking monitor, this feature is also popular DV or mobile phone can not be achieved.

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