Swallow system 8 days over 1000 cases of illegal investigation

With the explosive growth of social economy, China's car sales are also the leaps and bounds, China's current car ownership has more than 200 million cars! Accounting for 20?f global vehicle, so as the number of cars growing our traffic laws are constantly improving, and electronic police (surveillance system) requirements should be very powerful, history of the cattle Swallow monitoring system, and has been It was piloted in Suzhou.

"Swallow system" is currently the most technologically advanced of illegal traffic violation monitoring system, before it is a lot stronger than the electronic eye, but also has improved the accuracy of multiples. The vehicle can also be a secondary analysis, not only of the number plate analysis, reference may also be a deeper analysis, we can identify vehicles over thousands of models, like not wearing a seatbelt, driving play phone, smoking and other details of all drivers can clearly capture, can handle one million photos every day, vehicle identification rate is higher than 98.6?r

No matter how high your speed driving, drove heaven Swallow system can also lock you, It is reported that since April in Suzhou trial, one week successfully capture the behavior of not wearing a seatbelt more than 1800 cases, call 1000 car cases, although it is still in the trial stage, but the popularity of the country is also a sub-minute thing, so usually have the bad habit of drivers friends from now on we must restrain themselves, until the formal induction system Swallow day, 12 points were not enough to buckle!

In addition to the law responsible for monitoring traffic violations, "Swallow system" or part-time detection experts, adjusted to take control of the vehicle in a query, the new surveillance information, import surveillance vehicles and vehicles dispatched withdrawal control and other acts, can be used to target suspected pursuit, assisted investigators solve the case , it is simply eye in the sky! Really created a dragnet, so that the perpetrators nowhere to hide.

For most owners friends, coming Swallow system is definitely a boon to regulate driving behavior, but also to enhance the security of society road habits deter offenders, read our new system, it is not a kind of deja vu feel? Remember the foreign films in the eye in the sky what system, science and technology is very powerful, in today's era of large data

For the majority of owners are of good quality, definitely it is a good news. Driving behavior outside the norm for road traffic safety also enhance the community can play an immediate effect. Therefore, no matter from what point of view, "Swallow system" promotion is a good news.

We read this "Swallow system", whether you have a sense of deja vu? It is not, and the "Furious 7" eye in the sky system has many similarities it?

In big data, the car is probably no longer a private space, driving behavior will always be monitored, smoking, call, not wearing a seatbelt, this little detail will escape the eye in the sky, the car deck, and other major hit and run crime also will have nowhere to hide.

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