Ice and snow road driving should pay attention

Snow day driving precautions

First, pay attention not to hurry;

Second, pay attention to keep the horizontal safety distance;

Third, there is no ABS brake, you must first turn down the unit, use a diploma; there is ABS, first reduce the unit, brake once in the end;

Fourth, you can't use the neutral.

After the big snow, the snow on the car windshield, the headlights, the mirror, and ensure that the sight is not affected during driving. It is best to prepare a cotton cloth on your hand, wipe the interior of the window vapor and the mirror while parking, maintain a good line of sight. If there is condition, you can apply a "rain enemy" or similar products on the inner glass to reduce fog.

Snow covered roads will make starters difficult, in order to entered the lane smoothly, it is best to move the car before and after, or remove snow in front of the car with snow shovel. After ignition, light the throttle, don't empty the wheel, otherwise the wheel will be deeper.

At the time of the driving process, you should pay attention to the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians, followed by keeping enough distances with the previous car, always preparing the brakes in advance, when discovered and the distance of the front car is shortened, no matter what reason, the oil is reduced, Feats are placed on the brake pedal.

In addition to parking, don't pick it to step on the brakes, no matter whether there is ABS. Hanging low-stop brakes can reduce the speed of the vehicle faster by means of the engine's deceleration. For cars without ABS, it is easy to cause the tire to kill. If the front wheel is killed, the car is lost in the direction of the direction, and the car will move in the direction of inertia. There is no use of the steering wheel without any use. If the back wheel is killed, the car It will be slight laterally, and the direction is even more controlled. Of course, even if it hangs a stop, don't step on the brake pedal when you don't encounter an emergency, you should gradually agract.

If the speed is high or need to be braked as soon as possible, you can directly block and brake: such as the gear at 4 blocks, first put the right foot from the throttle pedal on the brake pedal, the left foot quickly step on the clutch, quickly change the gear to 3 Block, in the case of emergency, you can change from 4 to 2 stops or even 1 gear, then lift it, then step on the brake pedal after the clutch is taken, but don't step on the dead, if you feel the wheel, immediately release the brake pedal The efforts are still gradually increased. The car with ABS can also be directly blocked. Different are that when the speed is reduced to slower, it can step on the union (to prevent the engine to protect the engine), the brakes (when the car is slow), the rest will make ABS Go to handle it.

In addition to the driving skills of their own driving skills, the harsh weather is not paying attention to the route. Don't take the way to drive on the ring line, in fact, many main roads and ring lines are not necessarily difficult than the main road of the ring. On the day of the snow, some roads adjacent to the loop are very smooth, but the road is full of cars, and the road travel time will be shorter and safer.

Use low changing in the upper and down holes. Upper slope, downhill is absolutely disabled from slipping. The newbie snow is driving to change the secondary road to avoid the large slope overpass. Try to avoid parking on the snow because it is difficult to restart it. If you must be parked in a snow, you must ensure that there is enough space to drive away the parking space, because the mobile parking position has become very difficult.

Drive on the ice and snow road, because the resistance of the ice and snow pavement is small, thus the distance between the brake will increase. Even with ABS vehicles (don't treat ABS as an absolute security), you must be careful, especially on the snow road, you must pay attention to the distance, because the frictional force of the tire and the ground fall, close to the car, the current car When the brakes, the rear car is difficult to brake in a short distance, resulting in chasing.

When turning, be sure to minimize the speed, steady steering wheel, slow down slowly. Without affecting the car, try to increase the turn radius to reduce the centrifugal force at the time of turn, remember to be quick and sharp, to prevent the side slide.

It is fully inspected to the car to ensure that the car is in good condition, especially the steering system, the brake system should be effective and reliable. There is no running and bias phenomenon when braking. Tire pressure should take the lower limit of the specified value, and the left and right tire pressure is the same.

It is easy to unclear the road after the road is covered by snow. According to the tree, road sign and other carefully, the driving route should be judged, along the road center or snow is contrary.

Try to avoid overtaking on the ice and snow road, when the car should choose a flat and wide segment, and keep the two cars have sufficient lateral safe distances.

If there is snowflake in driving, it should reduce the speed of the vehicle and use the wiper to improve the sight. After the snow, the snow is too long, because the reflection of the sunshine, it is easy to cry, tears, and decreased vision, therefore, wear anti-UV non-colored protective glasses.

When driving, the anti-skating chain should be loaded, and the anti-skid chain should be installed on the drive wheel, the anti-skid chain is consistent, and the left and right are symmetrical. In addition, driving on the ice and snow pavement should also carry the necessary non-slip and heating products.

Try to avoid nighttime, after Icing, the road is almost the same, the driver is more difficult to judge that there is no ice in the ground.

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