Small scratches or need car up painting?

Car often run outside, is rub it is a very common thing, some owners of the Division of these things are common sense, does not matter. And some owners, especially just bought a car was scraped off the block or paint are very distressed, and thus will immediately search online forums on how to eliminate scratches, as well as directly buying up painting, the price is generally at 10 a few about tens of thousands of yuan sales, showing very popular with car owners love.

Then up painting it really that easy? Some buyers message: Tutorial understand at a glance, on their own on a scrap, not recommended to buy; because there is a color difference of almost like a patch in there, obviously made him look ugly.

Even if the car model selected according to color, but also the color of the oil, but with little up painting to buy a pen, usually matching, set down 70 yuan, and go outside to repair small scratches may also 100 yuan , so try not to use up painting to repair.

But if you're just afraid to rub the rust place, then you can still use some of the temporary. Because rusty after not only affects the aesthetics, but also reduce body strength.

So I will give you three with less costly method:

1, toothpaste, no leakage of small scratches primer useful, as long as the toothpaste applied to the towel, the wipe can scratch the body, do not use the particulate matter with a toothpaste or counterproductive.

2, waxing

Some Cheyou often prepared on wax, small scratches encountered when Wipe with a linear mixture, and then the same direction wax, fine scratches can be repaired.

3, nail polish

In fact, nail polish up painting and turned out to be the same, but cheaper than up painting, as long as no leakage primer, can be used to repair scratches.

These three approaches are not leak primer for repair of scratches, even if the metal were leaked directly to the repair shop that was it, do not toss.

Mark my words, and did not apply for up painting as propaganda, and effective. When the car has scratches, if not serious or can be ignored by the above three methods, or if serious need of repair shops to find a professional treatment.

Car windshield was smashed pebbles hole, easy to get!