Several big reforms of new car annual inspection

The annual inspection of the car is a matter of every year. Therefore, the owners must be very familiar with the provisions of the annual inspection of the car. So, what is the new regulations for the 2019 car annual inspection? Which reform is worth noting? Now let's learn together!

First, 2019 car annual inspection new rules

1. New car requirements are equipped with reflective vests

The past car annual inspection only requires carrying car triangard and car fire extinguishers, and this year's new regulations require that the need to be equipped with reflective safety vests, most owners don't need to worry, this is only for cars from January 1, 2018, And will also be provided by the manufacturer. Whether it will be promoted in the future to all models.

2, can handle annual inspection through the network

In the future, the truck didn't have to run a big old and long-distance, and I can directly check the car online, and the owner only needs to go in accordance with the correct procedure, but only after September 2011, and in 6 There is no traffic accident in the year, there is a traffic accident that can be online.

3, reduce 6 years

The new annual review fee reduces a number of annual review fees, including external testing fees, tax pre-recording fees, procedures, electronic transmission fees, etc., 6 annual inspection project fees. It is more cost-effective, although the annual inspection has also been more than two hundred but excess costs, the less the owner of course, the more happy. Plus now technical support, electronic process also requires a little behind.

4, exhaust gas test year test two

Previous exhaust emission tests were separated, the owner needs to receive the car environmental mark separately, and the exhaust emission test is carried out, but since 18 years, my country's transportation department canceled the private car environmental protection mark, and the exhaust emission test and annual inspection For one, the owner does not have to receive the motor vehicle environmentally friendly qualified mark.

5, an annual inspection exemption from the commissioned inspection procedures

In the past, the auto-annual inspection procedures were returned to the vehicle registration, and the new regulations were optimized for this issue: except for large bus, school bus, dangerous goods transport vehicle, vehicle transport vehicle, low-grade half trailer, Other vehicles canceled the procedures for entrusting inspections when conducting cross-provincial/cities/districts.

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