Self-driving tour payment summary

"The first time I prepare self-driving tour, the hotel, the bus is based on the online Raiders plan, just driving such a way to run so far, I really don't know what to do. Which of the owners who are ready for self-driving travel? What about the problem?

Comprehensive car inspection, learn to change the tire

"National Day, many people are ready to travel." The auto repair master told reporters that there are more and more people who choose self-driving tour. He suggests that you should do a comprehensive examination to your car before traveling before traveling. There is no check in the first month before the trip, can be checked for your car. The most conventional project has tires, add water, chassis, and components. "Generally, each repair station will provide such services, and usually No charge.

During the self-driving tour, the most prone to the situation in the car is the tire. "Key to check the spare tires carefully, the rubber is aging, the tire pressure is sufficient, and the tool for changing the tire is not carried." On the road, it is also often Pay attention to the condition, "For example, when resting on the service area on the highway, get off around the car, see if the tires are there." And if there is no such thing in the house, there is no problem, you have to I have to change the tires yourself.

A trailer rope, solve big problems

In addition to the necessary car inspection before travel, what is the necessary equipment for long-distance travel? Senior Yigui Jin's answer is: a trailer rope.

"Once, the car was in the pit, and several people can't push it. I can only use the rope to tie the car out." At that time, there were a lot of vehicles, but most owners did not prepare trailers, Mr. Jin and Friends have been looking for a long time to find a trailer rope. "Since then, I always put a trailer rope in my car. I don't have a car to help the car in the car, but there is no trailer rope." It is understood that such a trailer rope is in most 4S shops, maintenance The store is sold, the price is not expensive, and it will not occupy any space.

Three patch

After returning for a long time, the owners don't forget to make a maintenance, interview, professional maintenance stores, three reminders to the owner of the car owners.

First, scratch in time

The role of paint is not only beautiful, but its more important features are rust. During the long holiday, the owner may cause a significant scratch of the vehicle to the outside of the vehicle because the owner is unfamiliar with the road, it may cause a significant scratch of the vehicle, and the traces of the concave, especially in the front rod position. If a collision occurs, the car mainly do external paint treatment.

Second, the damaged tire should be eliminated

After a long distance, you should check the tire pressure, tire balance, and check whether aging cracks or trauma, the severe wear is severely eliminated.

Third, "three liquids" Qiqin supplements

After long-distance travel, the car's oil, coolant, and brake fluid may be relatively large. If there is a lack of timely supplementation, the oil is too dirty, you need to change the oil and new filter.

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