Do your own troubleshoot

Driving on the road, the vehicle has failed is something that is inevitable. If you don't move, you will find a 4S shop, time consuming. In fact, some are just a small fault, understand some of the trucks, you can rule out, even if you can't solve it, you can't do it without helping it, it is better to prevent it. Master some troubleshooting skills is the compulsory course of the owners. In fact, some small faults are excluded, you can also.


Reader: Does the automatic stop will turn off the fire? I have a day drive on the road, I quickly stepped on the brake, and then fired it, but the car was can't start. How to deal with this problem?

Answer: Although the automatic gear car has no clutch, it is still possible to accidentally turn off the midway due to mechanical failure. When the battery light is found, it will turn off the fire. At this time, don't hit the steering wheel and step on the brakes multiple times, because there is only two brakes after the flameout. Then, quickly push the shift lever into the nozzle, the ignition switch turns to the start position, and then quickly pull the shift lever to the D lever, you can travel normally. If you try multiple times, the engine still does not start, indicating that the fault is more serious, and it should be parked. Applying this method, it must be familiar with the operation of the vehicle. If the force is too large, the shift lever is directly pushed into the reverse gear, which will cause large damage to the transmission.

No.1 Engine can't start

Case: Xiao Liu gets ready to drive home, but he found that no matter how he started, the engine can't be angry, you can take him bad, what is the reason?

Sub-electrical appliances, spark plugs, high voltage lines, etc. are interpreted by the automotive rain or car wash: Recently, it is often used, and some of the vehicles are easy to rain. If so, these moored components will affect the vehicle to start, the owner needs to think carefully. Think, if you have the case where you have the engine cabin in the car.

Treatment: First turn off the vehicle, and dry the movable parts of the moisture portion and then start the car.

Expert suggestion: Engine cabin is usually covered, try not to open in the rain. Check if the battery voltage is enough to interpret: Listen carefully whether the engine has a sound, if so, then your battery is dead. Preventing the battery from suddenly running out, the best way is usually paying more about the "distress signal" issued by his car. This signal has several ways: one is that the starter does not rotate or rotates weak, so that the starter cannot be launched; the second is that the front headlight is smarter than usual; the third is that the speaker volume is small.

Treatment method: Temporarily power supply with other vehicle battery connectors using the "cross-river" connection cable to activate the vehicle.

Expert suggestion: Avoid opening the light or listening to the transmission of the engine flameout; the parking time is longer, but also the power of the electrical equipment (the inside and outside light and audio, navigation class, etc.) of unnecessary use should be turned off.

NO.2 Vehicle Tudo

Case: Recently, Mr. Zhou has opened the car and family to go to the suburbs. In the process of returning, I always feel that the vehicle is shaking when the vehicle is driving. I really don't know why, I will stop on the roadside, waiting for someone who is waiting for the 4S shop to rescue.

Whether the vehicle tire sticks with mud block, stone and other debris

Expert Interpretation: Suburban tour, easy to pass some muddy roads, tires are easy to stick to mud blocks, stone and other debris, which affects the steering wheel, and the debris is not strong for high speed, which is easy to cause puncture.

Treatment method: Clear the stone in the tire gap and the debris that pastes on the wheel.

Experts suggest that you should pay attention to clean tires.

Tire strike deformation or wheel balance block

Expert Interpretation: If the tire is very clean, there is still such a problem, you need to carefully check if the tire has a hit.

Handling method: To avoid security hidden risks, replace the deformation tires, and look for an auto repair store to install the balance block.

Expert suggestion: Don't be very good for this problem, there is no drum bag after hitting, it seems unaptible, but carefully check or find problems.

After replacing the tire, four rounds of positioning experts were not interpreted: If there are no two problems above the vehicle, there is still a possibility that there is no four-wheel positioning treatment method after replacing the tire: should look for four-wheel positioning in the professional auto repair store, avoid Security risks.

Expert suggestion: When replacing the tire, it is good to perform four rounds.

NO.3 electric car window automatic decline

Case: Xiaomei's car is an imported luxury car, the window is a one-button lift design, but recently she found that the main driving window will suddenly drop a paragraph, get it. Every time she is closed, she is very worried.

Sensor starts anti-pinch function expert interpretation: General high-end sedan is installed in the design of electric windows, avoiding personal injury due to unexpected operation. During the use of the vehicle, if some objects are set inside the door top frame, the sensor will start the anti-pinch function when the window is reached to this part, so that the window is lowered.

Treatment method: Check if there is a foreign body effect window lift, clean up.

Expert recommendations: If only during high-speed driving, it is possible to be a voltage, you need to adjust to 4S store.

NO.4, how is the back door close?

Case: Mr. Xu has recently discovered that his car lattice is closed, and the lock on the door cannot be buckled on the car, causing the rear door to shut down. It is necessary to use force to push the door or have multiple times to close the door to close the door.

Friction is too large or the body deformation expert is interpreted: Whether the gap fit is serious, if it is just due to the problem of design or friction, it is done, but if it is very serious, you should pay attention to whether or not the body deformed.

Processing: Adjust the position of this lock module and the position of the body hook, make the fit; in the lock and hook position coating grease, strengthen lubrication.

Expert suggestion: If it is a new car, the door shutdown is not righteous because the components are not good in the installation. If there is a problem with a serious gap, it can be claimed directly to the 4S store, requiring adjustment of the gap.

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