Roof put Spider-Man gourd doll doll owners, you violated!

Recently street super pull the wind!

"Spider-Man," "gourd doll" Meng Po have appeared various roof!

When driving,

You might be able to see a group of expression package,

He is lying in front of the roof,

You sell Meng, spoiled or make faces,

People can not help laughing!

Or see gourd doll riding a panda!


Distressed our national treasures!

Many people think that car decorated with dolls,

Very personal,

And it is pulling the wind,

If it is the traffic of Superman!

Police reminder:

This behavior is illegal !!!

An outer decorative doll car installation, a slight change in the appearance of the vehicle body, in accordance with Article 57 and 16 of the first "motor vehicle registration requirements," "Road Traffic Safety Law People's Republic of China", which is illegal behavior.

Paragraph 1 of Article 16, "Road Traffic Safety Law of People's Republic of China" - any unit or individual shall not assemble any motor vehicle or motor vehicle without authorization to change the registered structure, framework or features;

"Motor vehicle registration requirements," Article 57 - Except as provided in Articles 10 and 16 These Regulations shall, without changing the shape of the motor vehicle and related technical data registered shall be ordered by the public security organs of the traffic management department of restitution and impose a warning or a fine of 500 yuan.

According to relevant regulations, "Road Traffic Safety Law Implementing Regulations": not hanging in the front and rear windows of the cab, placed obstruct the driver's line of sight items, driving a motor vehicle shall not interfere with safe driving, in violation of the law can at 200 yuan fine; based on "apply for driving license and use provisions" on the driver's license in mind two points.

Security risks

1, really interesting roof dolls suction eye, which easily lead to the car after driving distraction, wrong foot brake and so on lead to rear-end accidents.

2, bumpy roads or at high speeds, pasted doll easy to fall, after the car affect driving safety. Multi doll is fixed to the roof, a glass, and other locations with the rear car plastic. A seller, said Bao, under normal circumstances, the vehicle speed must be less than the doll paste 120 km/h, more than 22 cm for a doll more limited to 100 km per hour or less. Considering the different weather conditions, wind speed, very risky doll on the roof of a high-speed fall. You know, once behind the vehicle because the vehicle in front of this doll traffic accidents, the vehicle in front, but to take full responsibility.

3, attached to the rear windshield of dolls, impede rearview vision is not conducive to observe the surrounding traffic.

Not bright lights, modification and irregularities in the end how to do?