Effect, category, and label

During our daily maintenance, it is generally handed over to the 4S shop. When the oil is changed, the after-sales person will ask the category of the oil, it is a mineral oil, semi-synthesis or full synthetic oil. I believe that many owners don't know the meaning of those oil labels, and the author will simply introduce the role, category, and label of the riders.

Machine oil

It is well known that the engine is like a car's heart, and there are many metal surfaces of mutual movement. When the piston movement is performed, the movement speed of each component is extremely fast, and the environment is poor, the internal temperature can reach 400 C to 600 C. Under such harsh conditions, only qualified lubricants can reduce the wear of engine parts, extend the service life, then which requirements do qualified lubricants to meet?


There is a fast relative slide between the piston and cylinders, between the spindle and the shaft tiles, to prevent the parts from excessive wear, requiring an oil film between two sliding surfaces. An oil film with sufficient thickness will be spaced apart from the surface of the part, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing wear.

Cooling cooling

Oil can then remove the heat tank back to the oil tank to help the water tank cooling the engine to play a helper cooling.


Good quality oils can bring carbides, clay, and wear metal particles on engine parts to the oil tank through the circulation of the oil tank, and achieve the purpose of flushing parts work surface.

Sealing leak-proof

Oil can form a seal ring between the piston ring and the piston to reduce the leakage of the gas and prevent the external contaminants from entering.

Anticurer erosion

Lubricants can prevent water, air, acidic substances and harmful gases in the surface of the part, and the role of anti-rust corrosion in the surface of the parts.

Shock absorption buffer

When the pressure of the engine cylinder port rises sharply, the load on the piston, the piston pin, the link, and the crankshaft bearing is exacerbated, and this load is lubricated through the bearing, so that the load is buffered, thereby acting as a shock absorber .

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